The thief was wearing a mask!!!!

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    I did'nt even know it happened until it was to late. A buddy and i where fishing for channelcats out @ the holloway dam and the bite was going strong. We had 6 nice size fish on a stringer wich we placed in a stream no more than 30 yards from us. After catching and releasing a number of smaller fish, my fishing partner caught a really nice 27 incher and went to put it on the stringer. We were surprised to find that something had mutelated 3 of the keepers we had worked so hard for. @ first i thought it was a snapping turtle because of the mangled fish but then i noticed some glowing eyes up in the tree next to the stream. It was amazing that we didnt see or hear that theif of a racoon, and how quickly he filled his belly. I keep my trusty old coleman lantern right next to the stringer now and i'm thinking about taking my blue heeler with me on my next outing. LOL! I learned a valuable lesson that night from a thief wearing a mask!
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    too funny:smile2:
    know the feeling rick, had a dog grab some gills off the ice one season on us.
    one guy in our party took out after him but four legs worked better than two.

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    Rick, a friend once took me fishing on the Rio Grande down near Del Rio, TX. He showed me how to tie our fish basket under the boat to keep the coons from eating our fish. The coons later gave us a scare about 3 AM.... we were sitting in his trailer between the time we ran our lines, drinking coffee and something tried to open the trailer door. :smile2:

    We both wore our pistols on that trip, saw several illegals.