The Tees

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    I was just curious were they were?Are they were the saltwater side of Bushy Park and the freshwater side join?Somebody told me you can take it to the Wando river.I dont have a program for my gps yet,so I just have the base map.Any help would be appreciated.
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    The Tee is where the east and west branch of the Cooper River meet, right about where you start seeing lots of the old rice fields, instead of marsh. If you are coming up river from Bushy Park (it's about 13.5 river miles up from the saltwater side of BP landing) a left turn will take you toward the dam in Moncks Corner and a right turn will take you to Quinby Creek.

    There's near 80 feet of water in the Tee in one spot. I have fished the Tee for cats several times without much luck.

    Neither will take you to the Wando, but there is a creek off of the bottom of Yellowhouse Creek (Beresford) that connects - it's even longer than going down around Daniel Island, though.