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This true story was told to me by one of my past fishing buddies who has gone to wherever. G.W. was a first class crappie fisherman on LKN and would fish for stripers and catfish with me and in turn he would try to teach me the finer points of crappie fishing, which I must add, I never got the hang of.

One day G.W. told me about the old gentleman that taught him how to crappie fish before there was a Lake Norman. This old man would take G.W. out on the Catawba River, which is now LKN, and show him the tricks of the trade. The old man did not use crappie minnows, said it was too easy to catch them that way. He taught G.W. how to use a crappie gig and G.W. became quite good at it, same as the old man. After several years, G.W. started beating the old man at his on game. After this occurred several times the old man told G.W. that he could no longer fish with him. G.W. told me that he was hurt deeply by the old man's actions and went into a funk for quite awhile. Then it occurred to G.W. that his teacher had taught him all he knew and that it was no longer a challenge to the old man to continue with G.W. and that is when G.W. came out of his funk and started teaching the rest of us what the old man had taught him. I was a poor student, but there are others on LKN and elsewhere that are great crappie fishermen because of the old man and G.W.

In a way, here on the BOC, we are like the old man and G.W., and that is the way it should be.
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