The Tattletail Jug by Wild Wolf Products

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  1. Tulcat

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    Hey guys and girls,

    Get ready for a review of the new Tattletail Jug by Gene of Wild Wolf Products. I was fortunate enough to be selected to beta test his new jugs, and got my shipment in yesterday.

    Initial inspection is the jugs are very SWEET and professionally made, and the sliding ballast is as smooth as can be. My problem right now is I won't be out on a jugging trip for 8 more days, so until then all I can do is string them up and imagine all the blues those things are going to land!

    For their first test, I will be deploying the jugs in the Verdigris River. I haven't quite made up my mind yet on the riggings, but will be sure to post some images of what I end up doing.

    For those not familar with Wild Wolf Products, they are an official BOC sponsor and creators of unique gear, just for catfishermen! Take a minute to visit their Website, and don't forget to check out their new Tattletail Jugs.

    To keep prices low, Gene has came up with the excellent idea of selling the parts not available locally in a kit form, to make 5 jugs at a very reasonable price (follow link for current price). Other than the kit, all you will need is pvc pipe, a swimming noodle, and PVC glue.

    I'm looking forward to testing these in the river, and will try to follow up the following week with a test at Grand Lake.
  2. Chuckb

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    Pana Illinois
    Hey Tulcat I received mine yesterday also. They are absolutely SWEET!
    I couldn't wait untill my next jugging trip so I rigged one up, stuck a glowstick in the top, put a bluegill head on and tossed her out on my pond. So cool and easy to see. 30 minutes later I looked out the door and it was flagged! To bad the fish got off. I was out of batteries for the camera or I would post pics. I plan on throwing a couple out tonight if I can get bait. Thanks Gene and Maine!

  3. caatstalker

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    con grats guys i dont know of any one more deserving of grtting to test his jugs than yall ( cept mabey meeeeee ) LOL keep the post comming ordering mine soon thanks:lol: :big_smile:
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    Glad you got the packages and good to have your initial approval. I believe they will do a fine job. I hope you guys catch some bigguns while you are testing, I am sure they will handle fish up to the 40# range with no problem. They will hook them eaters too. If you guys can get some pics of the jugs in the waiting mode and some in the TattleTail mode, That would be great. Also let me know if that reflective tape works like I attached it and if it reflects lantern light good. It was some stuff I had and if it works well, I will include it in the kit. If I can be any help to you let me know. I appreciate your testing efforts. I want them to be RIGHT before we offer them to the membership. I believe we are THERE but testing under hardcore jugfishing will tell us. Jim, you and Chuck both have some good water to put them to the acid test.

    Thanks Much;