The sweet smell of fall is right around the corner

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by michiganwhitetailRLM, Jul 25, 2006.

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    I dont know about everyone else but im ready for whitetail season . If there was a state that had autumn weather all year, ide become a perminant resident. When it comes to whitetail deer, im like a kid in a candy factory. My family and friends say im obsessed with deerhunting. Its not just the hunt for me, its being out in the woods in the fall and soaking in all that mothernature has to offer. Its the end of july and im already out doing some scouting. I know deer change their patterns come late september, and im going to be there to witness this with the 4 or 5 herds im currently watching. I think paterning the animals you plan to hunt and doing it early is a sure fire way to fill your tag. Ill spend quality time with my kids this way at the same time. It gives me a chance to teach them animal behavior without the threat of ruining a hunting spot and they learn the much needed conservation etics todays youth so badly needs!!! COME ON FALL!!!!
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    I couldnt agree with you more. I live for hunting in general, but bow hunting takes the cake by far. I have grown up fishing and hunting. I used to fish bass tournaments with my uncle, but nothing excites me more than the work and preparation before season and then when you reap the rewards of your work. Its unexplainable, some people just do not understand how good it feels, to put in work and accomplish the hunt.....its nice to see someone that knows how i feel

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    Salem, WV.
    I hear ya Rick I like winter alot but fal is best expecially since I moved to WV from Tx I love it my dogs love it is great.
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    yep i can wait till october either
    fishing and dove season in september are all i have to pass the time until october
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    Woo-hooo!! I agree! I can't wait! In fact, I've got the Tuesday night hunting shows on right now. I love just all that goes in to getting ready; food plots, cleaning up stands, clearing brush, cleaning up my little camper & getting it re-stocked. And then..once it's're finally out there on those wonderful cool autumn days! Oh, I can feel it now. It is absolutely my favorite time of year, & my favorite thing to do! I will always be grateful to my husband for showing me this wonderful world of hunting so many years ago. (How much longer??:lol:)
    Rick, I was gonna rep you, but I've got to spread some around first! But, thanks for starting this!!