the story of ole green

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    in the fall of 1987 i had broken my hand me down river pole trying to pull flatheads out of the current flow in dead mans hole disgusted i went home throwing it in the trash on the way inside that winter i made some extra money trapping coons wasnt alot but it allowed me to save for a real river rod something i really april i had saved up enough money to get me a whole new out fit so i talked my dad into driveing me up floyds bait and tackle that used to be across the street from where walmart is today.i went inside with my dad and touched and looked over every river rod he had.i did this untill i picked up this 6 foot soild fiberglass ocean city rod i had to have it. it was like a broom stick with eyes on it with my coon money i bought it along with a new penn 309 .since my dad didnt know how to cast a baitcaster like this i had to learn myself after putting on the braided dacron line i had bought i casted it evry day untill the rain began to raise the river in early may. with the water warming and riseing i wacthed the river untill it became stable .after days of wacthing i talked my dad into going fishing with me,something he rarely did.i went to the old bait store that used to be in north lawrence and bought six of the biggest dark colored gold fish they had. as i made my way down the north side of the dam my dad decided to just wacth from the rocks at the top of the levee and read his paper. undertered i went on down with all my new gear baited up made my cast into the dead spot that had formed just below the dam.i locked the reel in gear and stuck it into the rocks,i waited for over an hour and with out a bite i went up to talk with me dad.i got half way up and turned to look at my pole to see it doubled over and bending vilently against the rocks i had wegded it into but before i could grab it,it catapolted into the rushing water and was gone.screaming mad i threw my bait bucket intot he water as well ,my dad saw the whole thing happen,he just patted me on the shoulder and said lets go home.i was heart broken that i had lost it,and begged my dad to run a an ad for it with a reward for its nov.of 1988 a jeep showed up outisde my house and man came to the door carrying my fishing pole,after the small amount of money had been given i got her was found in a log jam by a beaver trapper where the kaw and wakarusea river merged. the reel i had bought for it was broken at the spool and there was no line on it except the bit that was still tyed on where i tied it to the spool .happy to have it back i took it to my freinds house to show him what my monstor fish had done .i couldnt beleive this pole had traveled so far and was still that fall i had begun to move haveing problems at home i went from relatives house to relatives house .i went from here to texas and back for a number of years. i had long since forgotton of my pea green river the spring of 2002 i had a big blow up with a child hood freind over comments made to my now wife, in a hissy fiit he dumped off the tattered remains of our friendship and amongst the rubble was ole green, he had ,had her the whole time .somehow i had lost her twice and got her back twice, so i deceided to never use it again and put it up on the wall.luck like that cant be lost forever so i keep her here with me. it now serves a reminder of everything that had happened over all these years .when she was new it was the last time i ever went fishing with my dad.when she was lost in many ways so was i ,and when she returned i started a new life with my wife. somehow this now old and faded rod became the embodyment of a lifetime of memeorys.i make sure to touch it everytime i head out to go fishing just rub off the luck it carries.and sometimes when i cant sleep i pick it up and remember what once was.i never would have thought that just some old fishing pole would have every become more that just a old fishing pole.does anyone?
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    That is a very touching story, I have some rods with stories, but not like the way you put it. Thanks for shareing.

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    Tom, take it easy on the beer.:tounge_out::smile2:
    Just joking, that was a great story.
    Of all the rods I own the most important one to me is my Dad's old rod. Its a 14' Fenwick, one piece, wrapped by him. That rod has caught more fish than I ever will. More fish than most people will ever see, no joke.:wink:
    He passed away a little over 3 years ago and I now have it. I couldnt ever bring myself to use it. Now it hangs with pride in my garage, a reminder of times long gone, but never forgtooen.
    That was pretty much the only rod he used. He caught more fish with just that one rod than I can with 3.:smile2::confused2:
    If fishin poles could talk she would have some stories. I do get it down every once in awhile just to hold it.
    He was a rare breed of catfisherman, the kind that make all of us look like sissys. Ive met alot of fisherman, but I have never met anyone that was as hardcore as him. Not even close.
    I would give anything to go fishin with him just one more time.:sad2:

    Here is my old man at the dam and a pic of the rod in the background.
    By the way, I am holding his fish.:smile2:

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    Now that's a story well told thanks.
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    i know exactly what youre talking about Tom.i grew up about 2 blocks rom the weir here in topeka so when i was prob around 10 years old or so i spent quite a bit of time down 1st river rod was a cheapy open face reel with 7ft rod of some sort,and it only lasted me a year or so till it fell apart.
    so after that i would sneak a couple of my dads nice rods and reels out the house to fish with till i broke a rod tip off one of them and got in trouble.:embarassed::angry: i thought i would be in trouble for a really long time but a couple days later my dad said he had a surprise for me and to go out to the shed to get it.
    so i ran out to the shed and there was the most awesome rod and reel setup i had ever seen!it was a brand new 6ft solid fiberglass rod and a new penn 209 spooled up with 40 lb was my first baitcaster and it took me a lil while to figure how to use it,but after i did that rod caught alot of fish over the years.
    i dont use the rod or reel anymore,just because of the memories i have about it and i do not want anything bad to happen to it.thats funny our stories are pretty similar and i bet cha there are more people with some same kinda stories.thanks for the story Tom:big_smile:
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    Great story Tom. Strange how old things can take on a meaning far beyond their worth. Might be an old hat or the knife your dad carried or many things that may seem common to anyone else but are worth more than gold to you. I have several and know just what you mean.