The Storey of Troy

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    I posted this for the ramblers but I think this was a cool experience & Not all of us ramble so here is the storey of Troy-not the great battle but of a man of past..........a man who was here and now gone!
    The familey all went to the river last evening.Was checking levels fer bait and I checked a reel I rebuilt (DID GOOD) and we went to Victorey park-it is under the Missippi river bridge-I do alot of bankin here in the summer ....we have a old swingspan bridge next to it and the city has planked it and put tables on it for a eagle look out and park-it goes out to the gates of the swing.I have met people in the middle of the night here from Africia,Brittian and all over the U.S.of A..Mostly never a problem and if there ever is you can have my pole if-n- ya aunt it:wink:Naa but its a decent place full of good fishing there on a hot summer night.
    We heard a couple up there hooting and a hollerin toast & toast then "SPLASH-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO take care Troy we love ya................!" then I hear a yell & hey did that go in the water I yelled up sure did ..."That was my buddy Troy & we are seeing him off so me being the sailor type & all rolled out a "HELL YEAH HERE IS TO TROY!" and when I got to the Van I raised me a beer for Troy even though I never met the man.....Now He's Home!
    This realy happened-and I will never forget it.! That is a prime example why I love the river.....There is alot of good people on it and there aint no tellin whats gonna happin fishin or not!
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    You`re right about the river, you just never know what`s gonna hapen next.

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    Your right there about the river and stuff its sad to hear about Troy