The spots are running, the spots are running!!!

Discussion in 'LOCAL NORTH CAROLINA TALK' started by bigblaze, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. bigblaze

    bigblaze New Member

    I just heard from one of my buddies that the spots were running good this weekend...between 2 of my friends they caught a big cooler full of spots and croaker...

    They were fishing out of a boat one day in the new topsail inlet and the next day they fished from the Jolly Roger pier....

    Bait of choice was imitation blood worms...

    I myself prefer the big saltwater fish but I know there are allot of die hard spot fisherman in NC...

    good luck to you!!!
  2. bowfin

    bowfin New Member

    North Carolina
    It's about that time for the big spots to show up.I like the big fish to but it's hard to turn down a mess of fresh spots

  3. laidbck111

    laidbck111 New Member

    That sounds like some great news, a big mess of spots can fill up the freezer quick. Thanks for the tip

    SUNDROP New Member

    I'm gonna let you guys in on a little secret of mine. I dont know why this works but it does!! Next time you clean a mess of spot, save the heads in ziplock bags just filled with water enough to cover the heads. Freeze them as fresh as possible. Next time you go cattin' use the heads for bait... I came up with the idea once when I came back from the beach on Sunday morn and met up with some friends at Kerr lake. I have used fresh white shrimp for years all over NC and SC so I thought I'd try it. I dont know why cats are attracted to the fish other than the salt and oil content. I have also used Butterfish with success but spot seemed to work better than bream or shad !! I have used whole spot as cut bait also.
  5. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I quickly tire of catching 2 spots at the time but a plate of fresh fried spot ranks up there among the best all time table fare.
    I may head down tomorrow depending on weather.

    I have a cousin out on Portmouth island right now on the OBX thats says all you got to do is drop a hook in the water.
    Drum, Virginia Mullet, spot, croaker, some trout, Flounder, etc.