The rut is starting

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by bsu_catfisher, Nov 1, 2009.

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    Rising Sun, Indiana
    I don't know what everyone one else is seeing but here in southern Indiana the rut is really heating up big time. Earlier this week we had a couple bucks and does right up by the house. The one buck was a real nice mature 8 pointer.

    This morning I went out to walk around and see what was out moving since my bow out of commission. As soon and I started across the yard I had a young six come out in the yard with his nose to the ground non-stop. He was running around within thirty yards of me and never paid any attention to me even when I started bleating at him. Later my father in law said a nice buck came out in the yard and when he bleated at him he came right across to yard straight for the truck. Sadly I think the rut will be all but totally done when gun season opens on the 14th. Anyone else seeing much going on?

    Good luck and shoot straight!!!
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    This full moon is what always makes me stay in the stand all day its starting to get better each day. Last week i seen 2 120" bucks bedded down together, i bet they aren't now!!!!!! I think gun season will be alright with the rut, ive been bowhunting alot and i bet the peek of it hits it on the nose. I think the big boys are just now starting to search alittle it should be good all week and really by this weekend.

    Good luck everyone!

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    I don't think it is in yet here. I was out all day Saturday and saw 4 does but no bucks at all.
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    the seeking phase is going on here in kansas now however the guys I've talked to said they're mostly younger bucks doing the running right now - did see a real nice buck lastnight about 9p.m. so I'd say they're starting to mill alittle - a few does should come in by this weekend and the big boys should be out looking to get lucky - lock down (peak of the rut) is probably another 14 to 18 days out but after that short slow time thanksgiving week should see alot of movement again - hunted all this last weekend and saw one possible shooter but imo it's just a matter of 4 or 5 days till all hell breaks loose (in regards to BIG NOCTURNAL BUCKS BEING UP ON THEIR FEET DURING SHOOTING HOURS) good luck everyone!!!!:big_smile: