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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by chambers bd, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. chambers bd

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    HI Folks,
    The next time you place a stand in your deer woods, get two chaulk lines and some good deer lure. Pour the lure in the chualk compartment and let soak in. Run the lines out from you stand in the best shooting positions.

    If theres a deer near by he will come say hello.:wink:

    BLKCLOUD Member

    Pulaski Tn
    I remember when those "drags" first came out, you get out of your truck,then you would tie the string to your boot soak the little rag and then walk to your stand.. when deer hit the trail it would follow it right to your truck...:big_smile:

  3. psychomekanik

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    I do something similiar. i use fresh tarsal glands from doe i shoot. I "season it a little". put it in a plastic bag and carry it in with me. as i get near my area i'll drop it and drag it across areas i've seen big deer crossing. dont just walk to your stand. walk to a shooting lane upwind. then pick it up and do it in another spot if you like. this works good when the wind is'nt perfect and your worried he might get downwind of you. or in areas where theres so much traffic you dont know where they'll be coming from. the key is not to walk around with it too much. just drop it and drag it from areas you like. you can steer them in, and put them where you want to.
  4. bootshowl

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    Clotheslined by my own lures in the dark.....maybe not a good idea for an ol half blind fart, LOL

    Not to mention the trip wire flashbacks.......never "flashback" with a loaded weapon.

    I'm just teasing.

  5. Big B

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    North Texas
    Great idea Brian. And to those of you who use a drag. You are supposed to start your drag from where you want the deer to go (back track). Dragging it through the wet grass dilutes the scent making it weaker. And I don't know about you all but I have a problem with the drags getting hung on grass or brush and popping back at me usually hitting me in the leg. I don't like to smell like pee. We have all seen the video of the guy who sprayed deer pee on him and that buck attacked him. I will definitely try the chalkline.
  6. gardengrz

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    if you guys ever do attract an aggressive buck that way you better hope yor 15 ft. up in the tree.:crazy:
  7. Scott Daw

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    I used a drag once and forgot to take it off my boot. I had a real nice buck run right up the the tree I was leaning against. we both jumped at the sight of each other and he circled down wind of me trying to figure out whats going on until I took a shot. never looking at my pins. was to busy counting points. that arrow flew into the next county. The buck went the next county over from the arrow.
  8. flathead willie

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    I do the same thing with spools of thread. Just soak them in Tinks #69, tie one end to a sapling and run a semi circle around your stand to keep them there longer, or just cross several trails and lead them by the stand. Thread is also a great way to see which trails they are using. I tie threads across a lot of trails while scouting and check them going into and out of the woods when hunting. The direction the thread is laying tells you the direction they are traveling. By raking small areas near the threads, I can get an idea of the size of the deer by the size of the tracks.