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  1. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    Couple of questions about fishing the Arkansas River at Little Rock. While crossing over the river on I440, I can see barges just downstream tied up; looks like they're unloading grain. Has anybody given that a try? Also, there are really a lot of rock jetties at Burns Park; is the catfishing any good along them? I've done very well at similar places on the river up towards Bigelow and Conway, but never fished in the Burns Park area.
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    little rock its ben 3 yrs. but from the burns park , golf course ramp. (u can catch shad there) go up towards the lock about 3/4 mile on your rt will be a large sans bar, on the river side (south) it will be 30-40 ft deep . just to the north is a rip rap dam. used to catch some nice blues there. also off the sand bar . and the loch aint bad eather, the north bank ( generator )about 100 ft off shore with your boat . throw out on the south side . towards the dam . let it drift down . good use dto fish it 2-4 times a week :)

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    Conway Arkansas
    Hey jtrew, I think that is Bruce Oakley's Seed and Fertilizer place down there, it's been a long time since I've been down that far. It seems to be better down there when they are loading out milo. After you've put a fish or two in the live well they will barf up the milo (and if you don't clean it out it will be smelling ripe the next trip out). When we fished out of Burn's Park we caught most of our fish around all those bridge pilings. But we got to fishing out of the Palarm Creek ramp at Mayflower or up at Morroliton and we ain't been back to Little Rock in several years. Oakley's also loads out barges down river from the dam at Morristown too.