the rain has got to go

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by gdk0925, May 13, 2008.

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    pevely missouri
    Hi All,
    Hope all the mothers out there had a good mothers day.Here we go again rain and more rain.I am really tired of this rain.Knowing my luck,when I get in florida next week it will most likely rain there too.I hope not I plan on doing alot of fishing while I am there.My mom and step-dad live on a lake,and have the boat running ready for me to use when I get there,just have to watch out for the gators:eek:oooh: when and where is the next meeting in june?I will do my best to be there I am tring to get a freind of mine to join too. well you all have a good day.
  2. Mo.Hick

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    Madison Mo.
    I think you are right the rain is going to follow you to Florida:smile2:. Hope you have a good and safe trip. Let us know how you did.


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    I hear you about the rain, I think the next gateway project should be to start construction of an Ark. Good luck in Florida Gary and give me a call when you get back. We still haven't locked down a date for the meeting but it will be posted very soon. I look forward to seeing you and your buddy there.
  4. catfisherman_eky3

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    I agree with you one hundred precent im tired of seeing rain too its seems like thats all it does anymore is rain, hopefully it will clear up and be pretty again before long, I miss fishing lol, and I cant go in the rain so hopefully it will quit, and we wont have to see it for a while.