The price of poor officiating..

Discussion in 'Ersel's Gridiron Talk' started by AwShucks, Nov 11, 2006.

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    Okay, now my team has two relatively easy games left to play - Baylor (who has been a surprise) and OSU (the baby OSU). Without one of those funny bounces of the football, OU should win these games easily. So, I wanted to put the Oregon call's in their proper context because previously they were a mute point. Let us say that if OU had received credit for that game, they would finish the season at like 11 - 1, with the one loss to Texas. The way things went today, with the poliferation of one loss teams loosing another game, an 11 - 1 season may have qualified OU for a BCS game. They will go to a bowl at any rate, so the season is not lost. But what is the cost for those two BAD calls. One - with two losses there is no way OU can go to a BCS game. Those games pay out in the millions of dollars while other bowls payout in the thousands of dollars - significant revenue loss for the Big 12 (all revenue from bowl teams is divided between all teams in the conference). Sniff, sniff, so that means they just raise tuition again to cover the loss. The coach, Bob Stoops, has a clause in his contract that if he goes to a BCS bowl game he receives something like a hundred thousand, possilbly a million, dollar bonus on his salary. Bad call - no extra paycheck Bob. Maybe Oregon or the PAC 10 will kick in to make the monetary loss less sever. Whoa, that was a funny one - I'm still laughing.
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    yes i agree those were as bad a calls as i have ever saw,especially the on side kick on, whoever was in replay booth should never be allow to officiate again. i am no ou fan and wasn't for them in this game but what was obvious is that they got ripped. lol to them in the future though.boliver

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    yes, i agree, i am a huge texas fan, but that was horrible officiating and OU was a very good team this year, i was pretty nervouse watching Texas Ou:wink: