The Paradoxical Postbeetle

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    paradoxical - seemingly full of contradictions

    Even that definition makes me :smile2:. I remember when postbeetle first appeared on the BOC scene; for a long time I thought he was as full of BS as they come! I still think he's an ornery ol' cuss SOME days. :tounge_out:

    However, for those of you who aren't familiar with the fella, and haven't read his wonderfully written stories - please let me introduce you to him and to them. You've been missing out.

    I have chosen to link you to some that I myself have enjoyed reading over and over again; the majority of them relate to family and/or animals. For those of you who know ME that shouldn't be a surprise. :wink:

    Musings of an Old Man - 5/24/07

    Relatively new to your forum and enjoy it a great deal. Can relate to many of you, even though we all come from many walks of life and lifestyles. Have some life experiences I would like to relate to you over a period of time. These stories are bouncing around in my head like a marble in a rolling barrel. Something to do with my age I guess. At the time they happened they were not even thought of. Too many things to do just to get by to think about them then. At this stage of life, not able to run so fast anymore, I spend a lot of time sitting on my butt with these stories coming to mind. Will relate them to you as time goes by. Not many relate to fishing. Look at them as I create them for you if you want and I hope you enjoy some of them. Thanks. Postbeetle.

    "First Time in 62 Years" - 5/12/07

    "The Final Goodbye" - 7/29/07

    "Fire in the Hole" - 5/24/07

    "Don't Know What You Called Yours" - 6/11/07

    "Of Snakes and Boxing Gloves" - 7/23/07 (post #24)

    "The First Black Man" - 5/30/07

    "The First Black Man (Part II)" - 5/31/07

    "Dameon - This "Buds" for You" - 6/05/07

    "They Know When You Are Going to Kill Them" - 6/25/07

    "I Just Don't Do It Anymore" - 5/29/07

    We have an often overlooked forum on called "Becky's Storytelling". You will find more of postbeetle's adventures plus many other great stories written by our talented BOC members. Check it out.
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    We'll I'll be dipped in Whale Oil and used to light the way on BG's new cruiser. Thank you Tanya. You folks read those, if ya do, with this disclaimer..........

    Sometimes I am full of BS, but none of those stories had any of that. There are some very nice stories by a lot of people on that thread call Becky's Story Telling. Many members who can write and relate. Tthe place sometimes gathers cobwebs but if ya read them written by those folks it will tell ya more than how to put chicken liver on a hook.

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    Wilm .N.C
    A W i have read most if not all of your stories in there an others also ,for anyone that has not been into Becky,s stories you are missing some good reading
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    I gotta agree,I think John and myself have a certain kinship of sorts,and I know I appreciate the ole guy. Thanks again Tanya for bumping this so new members can appreciate our ONE AND ONLY PB,And Thank you Sir for being a special part of our lives.:big_smile::cool2:
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    B-man (Kick in the chins) (LOL) yeah I might run into him round here once in awhile(LOL)
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    Batchtown IL.
    i started reading these are befor i come to the boc i am glad to see them i love Johns storys