The Only Obstacle To Achievement Is In The Mind

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Mark J, Jul 26, 2007.

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    I'm a big fan of bluegrass and grassers change bands like the wind changes directions. I think they just like playing with alot of different folks.
    There is one fella I'd admire for his talents on multiple instruments and his voice.
    I also admire him for the banjo player he is considering the difficulty associated with picking a banjo and playing through those endless 3 finger rolls in some quick timed music.
    Why do I admire his ability over some of my other favorite pickers?
    He doesnt have any fingers on his left hand. He was born only with a thumb.

    He's played with groups like Silver Creek, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver, the national acclaimed group of IIIrd Tyme Out, and now is currently playing with Mountain Heart.
    His faith in God is deep and he is blessed with alot of talent and resolve to overcome a disability.

    He is an inspiration to me everytime I watch him play.
    His name is Barry Abernathy.
  2. kat in the hat

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    I play guitar, and mostly rock and metal, BUT I have always harbored a deep respect for a good banjo picker because of the way they utilize all ten fingers. I'm trying to imagine a banjo player not having all his fingers.:crazy:That must truely be a site to see. Ever see the video of the armless guy playing 'Last Dance With Mary Jane' with his toes? Pretty amazing as well. I guess if you wanna do something bad enough there is nothing to stop you except for your mind like you said. I would love to hear this guy play.

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    i could never imagine anybody having no arms playing guitar or only having a thumb playing banjo but the will of God is a strong thing! he is always showing us exactly what we CAN do with him behind us!its a great thing! and my hat goes off to them! they are a lot better than me! lol :big_smile:
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    Mark I never wanted any thing in my life as much as I wanted to pick a banjo as good as Earl Scruggs.I worked very hard at it for many years,no less than 2 hours a day and a lot of days for 8 hours.I was getting good on that 5 string and had learned to pick Foggy Mountn Breakdown almost as good as Earl then on Dec 7 1981 I got hurt on the job.I got hit in the head by heavy equipment and would have died but I had some good doctors.I had to relearn how to walk and do things with my left hand.I have lift side brain damage which cost me my right hand picking because I cound no longer move my fingers fast enough to do a Sruggs roll.Yes I tried to pick and I cried over not being able to and I tried and cried some more for over 3 years.It hurt me a lot to quit but it hurt more to keep trying to do something I just couldn't do and then one day I couldn't take it any more any more so I stopped and sold the bango.I guess if you can't do one thing you can do another so I used what brains I had left to do my job and I did get to the top of my field of work.

    P.S. 20 years later I did buy another banjo but I don't mess with it much but I keep hoping one of my grandkids will want to learn.