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Should The Crossbow be Legal During Bow Season

  • YES

  • NO

The New and Improved Crossbow Verses Compound Bow Poll

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You may only cast one vote its up to you to decide which way you want to go. I will also make this one to show how you voted so vote as you wish but it will be for all to see. Also its only two choices YES OR NO.
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Quite honestly, the other poll wasn't split 50/50. It was split 50/35/12.5/7.5. Only 3 out of 40 voted that crossbows should not ever be allowed. The way I understand it, one of the 3 votes was an accident. Now, 2 out of 40 is 5%. 3 out of 40 is seven and a half percent. Hmmmmmmmmmm. 50%.....HALF of those voting, said that they felt that crossbows should be allowed during the bow season. Statistically, that's a significant majority.

Are we beating a dead horse here?

I kind of agree with Jon, there was nothing confusing about the previous poll. I don't think that the results were what some expected though. Maybe if the question is asked again tomorrow or phrased a different way, I'll change my vote. Maybe..... ;) Maybe enough people will get tired of beating the horse and agree to disagree. Maybe even some people will see that the majority of people don't see it the same way they do. Maybe.

I haven't voted yet but I am in favor of allowing crossbows during any legal open season on deer.
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LOL I just realized that the results of the earlier poll gave a 105 % result.

Gotta love statistics! :confused:
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