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    Here is a bit of information I learned and tested. 3 days before to 3 days after a full moon catfish don't bite well. I tried fishing the night of a full moon and didn't catch a thing. Contrary 3 days before to 3 days after a new moon fish activity is supposed to increase and the day of the new moon the cats bite nonstop. One night of a new moon me and my friend caught 8 cats. Went again after Church the next day and I caught the fish thats on my avatar. Hope this helps someone and if you know anything about this please comment on it.
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    My dad used to always fish the salt river on the full moon. We would camp out under the stars and fish all night. Never caught much of anything, and that almost ruined me for catfishing because I was young and would get bored. I've got back into catfishing in the past 10 years or so, and MY best luck has almost always been when the moon is dark. Either a new moon, or overcast. Me and some friends caught 21 blues, and 15 channel cat on the new moon a couple of months ago. Combined with the stormy weather, I would say the moon had a profound effect on our catch. Never saw that many or that big of fish before. I do avoid fishing on the full moon. I'm probably superstitious, but there has to be some truth in it because my dad fished on the full moon for whatever reason, and I don't remember him catching anything but an occasional carp, or turtle.

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    Wouldn't it be nice if we could identify "good" and "bad" fishing days based on just a single variable?

    If fishing was that simple, folks would have mastered it years ago.

    Take a look at the In-Fisherman Master Angler Awards. The moon phase is given for most every fish that qualified for an award. This is a page from the 2005 awards that covers catfish:
    All you can tell from looking at the moon phase is that fish can be caught no matter what the moon is doing. For example, look at the awards won by our own BradK (Brad Kilpatrick) last year:

    Blue Catfish:
    Brad Kilpatrick Kansas R., KS 46" 10/19/05 F+2 bluegill
    Brad Kilpatrick Kansas R., KS 42" 10/2/05 D-1 bluegill

    One caught 2 days after the full moon; one caught a day before the new moon. So much for the moon phase theory.

    So fish when you can and stop worrying about the moon, the barometer or the river level. Some days you'll catch fish and some days you won't. There are far too many variables for you to conclusively say why you did or didn't catch fish on a particular day.
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    i cant say that the moons phaze has ever affected my fishing , iv caught good fish before during and after the full moon , but then if you catch a fish its good am i right .
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    To be honest Ive never paid any attention to the moon either way ,,maybe I should have. Chances are I wouldnt get skunked as much lol
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    I've watched the affect that the moon has on my fishing for years and I haven't been able to make any conclusions. I've done good and bad under all the different moon phases. I kind of like night fishing with a moon just because of the light factor,.It's nice to be able to see what you are doing and to be able to watch your poles with out a light. Most of the things you hear about that cause fish to bite or not to bite are just old wives tales. I am sure that there are many things that affect the bite but that is the trouble, they all need to be considered together and it makes it very difficult to make any kind of real prediction on the bite.Like Marty said, there are just too many variables, ones we think we know about and others that we probably haven't even thought of........but the fish have. So just get out there and fish fellers, when ever you can. That's the one thing that I've learned about the "time to go fishin"
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    I too have done good and bad under different moon phases and don’t use it as a guide when and when not to fish. It looks like many of us do make note of the moon phase including myself but only in passing. From what I have seen is the new moon is a little better in the warm months and the full moon in the colder months. Fishing tables do pretty good on bite time but again we have to go when we can. One time driving home late after dark I noticed an exceptional amount of activity from wildlife moving about. Next day I talked with a buddy who was out at that time fishing and he went on and on about how fast the bite was that he had to go to one pole. I checked the fishing tables and it showed excellent for that time. I must admit to this day I look for movement from livestock or wildlife when going out fishing. What ever the signs may be we all have slots of time to fish and have to enjoy that time to the fullest however it turns out.
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    for a couple years i payed real close attention to the barametric pressure the moon phase and all the stuff and never got to go because something was not right this year i could not even tell you if it is supposed to rain or not and have been fishing alot more i think the moon phase does have alot to do with the fish biting but i would rather be on the water than home on the couch because the moon is full