The Media Missed this one!

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    Don't know whether you heard about this but Denzel Washington and his family visited the troops at Brook Army Medical Center, in San Antonio,Texas (BAMC) the other day. This is where soldiers who have been evacuated from
    Germany come to be hospitalized in the United States, especially burn victims. There are some buildings there called Fisher Houses. The Fisher
    House is a Hotel where soldiers' families can stay, for little or no charge, while their soldier is staying in the Hospital. BAMC has quite a few of these houses on base, but as you can imagine, they are almost filled
    most of the time. While Denzel Washington was visiting BAMC, they gave
    him a tour of one of the Fisher Houses. He asked how much one of them would cost to build. He took his check book out and wrote a check for the full amount right there on the spot. The soldiers overseas were amazed to hear this story and want to get the word out to the American public, because it warmed their hearts to hear it.

    The question I have is why does: Alec Baldwin, Madonna, Sean Penn and
    other Hollywood types make front page news with their anti-everything
    America trash and Denzel Washington's Patriotism doesn't even make page 3 in the Metro section of any newspaper except the Local newspaper in San
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    because he did something GOOD for somebody. almost all front page news will be bad.

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    The reason why the "Anti's" always get the press is because someone calls the media. I imagine when Mr. Washington made his visit very few, if any, media outlets were alerted. If all the "anti" people would shut up just for a few seconds and learn how many men and women have died for the freedom they choose to exercise in a negative way, I believe some, not all, would change their tune. I for one thank those who have served and are currently serving and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for protecting MY freedoms that I enjoy. If those "anti" types don't like it, well I'll let you fill in the rest.

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    Just my guess but I would say that he didn't want them to know what he's up to. GOD BLESS him for what he did for our wounded men/women. Too bad there isn't more like him .
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    Wow, it'strue too, well most of it is. He didn't actually writea check, but did make a donation a few months later. The size of the donation was not quoted, but it did say that it was less than the amount to build a new Fisher House.
  6. I hold true that there are a lot of people like him, but they need to be put in extraordinary circumstances to decide which side they are on. I for one already know how much hard work it takes to maintain the freedoms some people toss to the side. With so many people in this world with all their money I am sure it would be an easier place if they would stop being so foolish with the way they spend it.
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    That was very nice of Mr. Washington. as for the rest of those idiots that are Un-American, well lets just say I wont be supporting any of their films. What happen to them leaving the US if Bush was elected, or re-elected......

    I say bravo to Denzel.

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    I am glad to see Danzel did not bring the press with him. He made this trip for himself and not PR. He made alot of soldiers day! Him giving money was just a bonus. God bless him and his family.
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    I heard that from a friend. The stuff that hurts people usually what the media feed off of not the good.
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    Good point, Tony. I think I've heard of him doing this kind of thing before. But you're right, we never hear about that. But, oh!, if Madonna falls & sprains her ankle, or Paris Hilton gets engaged to yet another trashy rich boy, it's front page! Go figure. Oh well, what's that old saying..."Go quietly into that dark night"..? Something like that. Blessed are the meek.
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    90% percent of news in this country is focused on bad things here and overseas. I have never seen the media show to many really good things that go on. I guess they like to keep us all stressed out and watching to see what horrible thing happens next. I'm sure the media has done quite a bit of research about ratings and what sells, very sad.
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    Michael: some people like to keep their giving quiet. We had this post several weeks ago, same story. Good story, thanks
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    When the Manchurian Candidate was comming out, I seen a great interview with Denzel , Meryl Streep .. Think it was with NBC...

    woohoo.. Did some digging after reading this thread:

    Great!!!! Responses from Denzel when they try baiting him imho..

    and best part of the interview:

    "And how do you feel about the current political situation?"

    : "You know, I haven't seen ‘Fahrenheit 9/11,’ because I live in America. I grew up here. I'm an ex-slave. I'm a result of what this country can do. So it's nothing knew to me. I'm not surprised at all. It's just business as usual. What I want to talk about is, what are we doing right now, today, for these young kids that are coming home? Are we embracing them? I don't hear about them being lifted up. I mean, I'm not just talking about a parade but—"

    "Are they getting the support they need."

    : "Are they getting the support and love they need from us? And maybe that story's being told, but I sure haven't seen it that much in the news. Yeah, they're pointing fingers about who was right and whose wrong and who started what and where the weapons of mass destruction. But these kids are coming home."

    Washington: "You know, I have a son, 19, 19-year-olds are coming home completely different."

    Though, it was kept pretty quite in the media :roll_eyes:.. Had that been Sean Penn Rambling on about how the US is killing "innocent" taliban in Afgahnistan, would have been a 24/7 story ...