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    JimmyJonny and I went out again early this morning at 1am, you couldn't ask for better weather. Light winds, an occasional sprinkle, beautiful night to be on Hartwell. Getting bait was kinda tough, though we eventually got our four dozen happybaits, rammed the boat on shore and started fishin'.
    To make a long story endless - we got 14 nice fish, the biggest was 13 pounds. I'm sure JJ will post some photos for ya. We escaped the lake just as the heavy rain started. I think we're fishing under a lucky star, it's been a lot of fun.
    I hope every one of you has as good a fishin' buddy as I do. We've had some great times here recently, looking forward to pounding them again Tuesday. (Steve - we really missed you out there today!)
    See y'all on the lake. Good luck to all.
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    Congrads on the catch guys:big_smile:. Your right! Jim has fished on my boat at Greenwood a couple of times. He's a great guy to know and a fun person to be around. keep putting smackdown on them cats fellows!!!!

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    Good job guys, no wonder I havent been doing as well here lately......all the fish have sore mouths LOL. I only managed 3 fish before 12:am we arived at 7:00pm or about then. 1 10lbs blue, 1 9 lb striper and a 3 foot gar.......missed a few good ens in between...
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    I envy you having such a good friend and fishing buddy. It makes fishing so much more fun to share your adventure or misadventure.

    My fishing buddy is my daughter (8 Years Old) she will grit through just about anything as long as I am near by.

    My son (6 years old) gets bored quick so unless we are on em good he wants to go home.

    one time last fall catfishing we caught a 11 lb bass was a real hoot...daughter thought it was a WORLD I wish but was a nice treat fishing for cats.

    Bait was a big live shad 18 feet of water

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  5. Curt, sounds like you have the best buddy already. Only thing better is when
    your little boy comes around and he will. Those are memories you all will carry for rest of your lives. My Daughter is 5 and hopefully she'll be my buddy too.