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    Hey all ... I am seeking some info and if anyone can help me I feel this is the place to be! Great site and forum!

    Anyways.. State of Ohio rules and regulations regarding fishing. I got the little booklet from my local bait store and it doesnt answer my questions. Can anyone provide me a link or info regarding the laws on what you are and are not permitted to do. Mainly chumming and bank lines but the entire rundown on whats legal and what isnt would be very helpful.

    I ask because I have heard chumming is illegal in some places and I honestly cannot find the answers. I like to catch fish when I go fishing. 1 rod is set up for cats but if nothing else I have HEARD that using simple canned corn tossed into the river will draw in huge carp that are taken easily on a small corn baited hook in the chum area. Since I release everything this sounds like something to try.. just to feel the fight of some really good sized fish.. basically guaranteed ( OR SO I AM TOLD! ). Is this legal? and if so whats the best way to chum a river bank for big catfish?
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    In my experience, chumming hardly ever draws in big catfish. More often just the smaller ones.