The latest excuse for gas prices

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by FS Driver, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. FS Driver

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    came home yesterday and geraldo was on tv and i havent seen much of him in quite a while, and couldnt tell you if it was his show or a news
    channel or what that he was on but he was talking about the gas prices
    and how 10 years ago that the government allowed drilling on government land by the big oil companies for free .
    i didnt get the details exactly but it was more or less saying this was allowed to reduce our dependance on foreign oil .
    he said this in turn caused the record profits the oil companies are reporting .
    and that the government cant stop the trend by reverseing this deal
    without reprecussions of the big oil sueing.
    so what he ended with was blameing short sighted buerocrats decisions.
    anyone else catch this? or what is your thoughts on this?:confused:
  2. Darrell

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    Check this out. Iraqi's were paying 10 cents a gallon two years ago. Now they are paying $1.25. Big oil is messing with everybody all over the world. So the big profits arent just from the US Market. The country's who have it are even screwing their own citizens. All about the money.

    We better get our heads on straight and develop ways to get off big oils mammory glands!


  3. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    Like most of the current fiascos, there is not one thing to blame. You will find greed and stupidity in every nook and cranny!
  4. catfishcentral

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    I'll tell you one thing in the next decade Canada will probably be the biggest producer of oil in the world. Has anybody heard of the oil sands in Alberta Canada? I've heard several different estimates on how much oil in in the oil sands but some report as much as 10 trillion yes trillion barrels of oil in this sand in Canada. It has been around for years but the technology, machinery and infastructure hasn't been there. They can now extract the oil from the sand at a cost that is in line with oil prices of today. They know where all the oil is no need to explore which is very costly. Heck they need people up there so badly there's 20 year kids olds going up there making 130 K a year. The oil sands are in a pretty isolated, very cold place in Canada and they are having a hard time getting people to work up there. There several different countries including the U. S that are investing in the oil sands and this could eleminate our need for oil from Arab countries that fund terroist. Google Oil Sands of Canada and you will get a lot of info on this massive oil fields to our north.
  5. Cheryl

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    Yes Chris, I heard about it on Paul Harvey. I believe I even posted about it here. Heck for 130K, I'll move to Canada! Where do I sign up?:)
  6. Dano

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    Since when do they need an excuse to mess with gas prices.
    We also have our gas prices going up and down in same day.
    Number crunching games is all it is. Corruption, greed, pay back on elections.

    Oil CO's, Insurance CO's, Utility CO's Phone CO's. Medical, food :sad:

    Past couple years we have been spending almost three times the money and getting around a third of what we use to get for our money.
    I'm ready to sale everything and find me a nice camping spot.
  7. beeheck

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    Iowa / Missouri
    One that ticks me off is when the price of crude goes up on the market, the price of gas at the station goes up immediately, but when the price of crude goes down the price of gas at the station stays steady and then may drop in a couple days a little, if the crude price stays down steady and doesn't rise again. Around here the first time gas shot up big time the local politicians cried foul and were going to hold all kinds of investigations and a few were very vocal about this, they weren't going to let this happen in their state. Price of gas shot down like a lead balloon and stayed down for a bit and then shot right back up only higher than the first time. Nothing, Nada, no one said a thing and those earlier outraged politicians now had excuses for the oil companies why this was happening and it wasn't anyone's fault. All those politicians that were so upset a couple months ago that didn't say a word this time, can you say, "paid off". Oil companies kept track of who complained, lowered gas prices, paid off the loud mouths and raised the price of gas back up, alls quiet on the political front. Please feel free to forward this to any gas company that you feel would be willing to pay to shut me up as I think I just got interested in getting into politics. And, they say crime doesn't pay.
  8. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    Think someone should invent a car that runs on bullsh*t. That way we would all have and endless supply of cheap and readily available fuel.
  9. Cyclops01

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    Eden, NC.
    I think the oil companies know they are getting closer to the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, and are looking to make a killing before the well runs dry.

    Patmansc, I'm with you. Technological advances in low cost fecal energy is seriously lagging behind, when you consider the output to cost factor.

  10. Chris

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    Spring Hill, Kansas
    I believe that we will eventually be driving all hybrid cars and truck. Have you seen the Chevy Silverado Hybrid. Its a full size chevy with a 5.3L 4x4 that gets around 20miles a gallon. What is going to happen with all the farmers and contruction companies that have to use large equipment that run on Diesel?

  11. slimepig

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    Kerrville Texas
    i can remember my dad griping about the high price of gas when it was 26 cents a gallon lol.