The Latest Crackhead Who Is Going To Save the World - 100 miles in his car on 4 oz...

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Tulcat, May 24, 2006.

  1. Tulcat

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  2. IL Hunter

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    Normal, IL
    If that actually worked it sure would be nice.

  3. tkbiker

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    If it does work we wont be able to use it or have access to it until they (the Government) figure out how to tax it to make up the difference lost from GAS sales!!
    Just my two cents:big_smile:
  4. copycat

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    New Jersey
    There has always been some A-**** claiming this since cars were invented. Just like someone claiming you can get rich while sitting on you A$$ and watching soaps all day.
  5. jerseycat9

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  6. kccats

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    Olathe, Kansas
    Boy, Ive heard them all over the years.
    I used to beleive it.
    I thought they got bought out by big oil or the car companys or something.

    Fact is, it's all a bunch of crapola.

    He can stick some of that in his tank and see how far it goes.
  7. arz6x2

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    i believe that this kind of technology should be a leading field of research but it is not simply because big business really doesnt want to get away from oil. We should focus our collective efforts as a nation away from gas cars and toward something healthier and safer. i dont know if the article is true or not i wish it is but who knows.
  8. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    It will never happen, auto makers will never let it. Big oil companies will never let it either. They want our money, and they will continue to get it.
  9. FS Driver

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    i agree with alex,
    i wish it were true also.
    the only reason big oil and auto makers "supposedly wont let it"
    happen is because WE allow them that power.
    on the news last nite i hear that california texas and another state are
    now going to cap gas somehow (didnt get the full skinny) as an incintetive
    to buy the large SUV's that are clogging their lots by the thousands now.
    go trade in your suv and see what kind of a value it holds now with gas this high.
    if someone can come up with something like this water based fuel ,
    i applaud them . of course if its legitamately a real deal.
    i see so many people driveing alone with huge suvs and trucks as their
    main work transportation and their to the store or friends house
    and it is this daily un neccessary fuel sucking that has put us in the
    position we are in now.
    no one needs a vehicle that d*&% big to drive around all day used
    for 1 person . B S ......
  10. Tulcat

    Tulcat New Member

    It never ceases to amaze me to think that people actually believe oil companies have the power to keep new technologies off the market? Where did they get this power? How do they wield it? How do they enforce is worldwide? Why don't the communist Chineese (whose recent HUGE consumption of oil has moved the market prices upward) who would love to burry the USA come out with their version which would rocket their economy so fast to the top they could topple the USA as the #1 Superpower? How about India; how do the oil companies control them? How about Brazil who is moving to energy independence this year after the sucessful implementation of a 30 year project to produce enough ethanol to supplement their oil reserves? Why do all that 30 years work when the magic widget is on the shelf? How do the companies keep disgruntled employees from going public, or selling out to a foreign competitor?

    Please someone in the know answer these simple questions for me please.
  11. Tulcat

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    I can partially see your point, but there is a flip side. Yes everyday I see big SUVs that have never seen a gravel road, let alone an old logging trail or farm road.

    But as a single guy, 99% of the time I am driving my big truck by myself. Why do I have a big truck, because most weekends it is filled with fishing rods, gear, camping gear, coolers, and sometimes pulling a boat. Right now it is sporting a nice coat of Oklahoma red mud, from some scouting of old logging and farm roads looking for bank access on a river.

    So, while most weekdays I might look like the equivilant of a soccer mom driving alone in a big vehicle, on the weekends we part 180 degrees.

    I CANNOT afford to pay taxes, insurance, tags, and upkeep for 2 vehicles, so I choose the vehicle that allows me to pursue the sports I enjoy.
  12. keithcatfish

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    Maryville, TN
    Good point tulcat. If a company or individual invented a technology that could revolutionize an industry, it would be implemented with incredible speed. Think about it, if company X had a product that could put them at a tremendous advantage over their competition, why would company X hold back?
  13. Tulcat

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    I don't think they would, or could if they wanted to. Why would this discovery not be made by someone else eventually? It surely isn't patented, as patents are public information.

    If there was a secret invention for cars, the old Soviets foe in the past, or the current communist China foe, would be pushing it forward at a pace to make your current carbon fuel vehicle obsolete overnight, IHMO.