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    i was planning in going down to my local fishing pier and do some striper fishing but i had in mind to do some catfishing too.

    i riged 1 pole with the usual carolina rig with a 1 oz egg and a 5/0 hook... got down there and caught shad then went off to catch some gills

    when i came back i saw a guy down there with a large spinning setup and a couple little ones ( kinda looked identical to what i planned on bringing that night)

    after i setup my stuff i wondered on over and saw he had gills and shad in the bait bucket too.. i asked if he was cattin and he said yes. He asked if i used gills and what rig i used... i told him the carolina and he said ( i used to use that but now i use this )...

    he started to babble on about " the weight is enough to get the bait to the bottem but small enough to let them struggle as they swims around...

    theres a picture of how it looked at the bottem of the post

    the 2 weights are #4 splitshot and a 3in space from the barell swivel and the other... the leader is about 14-16 in ( i dont put a specific length to my leaders just a roundabounce)
    the spacing is to hold it down to the bottem ( i think )
    im gona try er out this weekend and see if it helps me out a wittle:big_smile:

    what do yall think?????
    i dont know if theres a name or something for a rig like this
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    cant go wrong w/carolina rig.shad and gills,your fishin!!!!!