The kids first roosters

Discussion in 'Bird Hunting' started by Big Eli, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Ohio, Clifton
    Been schooling my neffue on the finer points of trap shooting to get him ready for his youth hunts. Well looks like I did OK!!!

    First weekend he took these cocks and last Saturday he got two more!!

    This weekend the season opens up for all us old farts and now I've got some high marks to fullfill. The kid won't let me live it down if I don't come home with a full bag. Ah I show him, I fill mine with a couple of extra bunny's to show him up!! The old fart next to him is my brother, his "Dog" I mean dad!!

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    tell him congrats on them thats one bird i have never shot yet we have them here but not in great numbers the season is four days long so i never bother to hunt them

  3. iowacatter

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    Big Eli, that is awesome, it seems like teaching the kids is really, more rewarding that getting a bagfull ourselves!

    Thanks for teaching him a sport, he can enjoy for a lifetime!!!!

    I am looking forward to seeing my son get his first bird! He is getting there, just hasnt got "his shot" YET:lol: !!!

    Thanks for sharing with us!!