The Infamous California Aquaduct

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    Ok, so being a guide and a very experienced fisherman, My son Jake and I decided to go to the palmdale section of the aquaduct by littlerock on a full moon. Surprisingly there was noone there. I soon was surprised to see that even though it was dry and clear, the aquaduct was quite swift. I used my chicken liver contraption that I invented, and a 2 ounce sinker and watched in surprise as my bait was ripped off and the line came to the surface. I then being persistant put a 5 ounce sinker on and double carolina hooked above. Casted toward the middle and within one minute BAM! I set the hook and started my haul in of ( and I mean this ) at least 50 lbs of weeds. After quite a while of cleanup, i resent the line and it happened again and again and again, I tried every type of weight and hookup I knew but the weeds being thrown through every depth of that aquaduct are incredible. What did I do wrong, and is the water running this fast normal? I cannot imagine any fish wanting to be down in that.
    Aslo if anyone knows any good aquaduct spots let us know...We are all Ears.... ( private Message the spots I Wont share with just anyone.)
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    yes the aquaduct normally moves pretty swiftly,if the water is moving fairly good i will use 3-4oz pyramid sinker or a flat river bottom sinker of 3oz -4oz a carolina rig is only good if it is a flat no roll variety. Then there is the occasion when the water is not moving very much at all. I fish the central cal section of the aquaduct.
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    Thanks for the report... I've heard good results from the Palmdale section... cant help you with the trash in the water.... Try the area below the wier on the colorado river... its the same just below the dam at Blythe.... need the "weed wacker" rig I quess:smile2::smile2::smile2:
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    whenever you can provide details on this, i am all ears :tounge_out:

    i was fishing the aqueduct in hysperia and couldn't believe the amount of plant growth in there. you would think they would want to clean that place out with some grass carp.
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    Hey Davren, don't have the answer, have experienced the same problem in the past, change locations. You did not give us pictures of your 50#er!