The humpies have it all wrong

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    Well the pink run (Humpy) was so big this year its got the silvers, chums, and kings all messed up. Its all about hit and miss right now here on the stillaguamish in Washington. The rain has'nt made it any easier to boot. Alington usually a vertual melting pot of salmon, has given in to one species. Not to say it can't or won't pick up later but the schedule is all wrong. The silvers should have been in three weeks ago mixed in with the chums. And shortley after that, the kings. I'm thinking of calling it a season and going after some sturgeon. Let me know your thoughts. Oh and to all the just cat folks out there. Its almost impossible to catch em here in the late fall and winter, so don't judge me. :smile2:
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    I don't know didly about salmon fishing,except for the fact that smoked over applewood with a brown suger brine they are some tasty azz fish,if It was between catfishing with little to no chance of success or hammering some big old salmon ,my smoker would be cooking some salmon up while the catfish sinkers are getting poured.

    Take you some smoked salmon or smoked catfish and blend a pound of it into four packages of cream cheese with some diced green onions and some crushed garlic with some black pepper and about 4 tablespoons of soy sauce,place in fridge for three or four days to let the flavors mingle and eat with crackers or on a bagel,good eatin',but try it before you give some to your buddies,you might not want to share.