The Great Mystery And Art Of Catfishing

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by catfishkatmando, May 19, 2006.

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    Why do we catfish? I like the quiete relaxing time, I want to know that I am fishing in an honourable manner but I don't obsess on needing to posess all the techniquel data on catfishing. To me there should be a smal amount of mystery involvedotherwise every thread and post we read would be knew that yep knew thatone to. The mystery lets me learn and appreciate the gift I get from the BOC brothers. Imagine if you knew every thing about the opossit sex ,It might cut down on fights but talk about booring. I read about an outdor painter who got bored with brushes and started using spatulas he just pushed the paint around until some art came out. Thats what I do I just push that old fishing pole around until I pull some art out of the water and I am never bored not to mention the art with a cast iron skillet and some grease. I am feeling rather artistic right gota go.

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    There is always something new to learn about catfishing, or any other subject. Even if it were possible that someone knew every single bit of information that's ever been written on the subject, there would be something new the next day, because someone, somewhere, would have found something new to say about it overnight. Maybe even the person who 'knew everything', because with all that knowledge, he or she should be coming up with new ideas and letting other people know about them.