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I met Jason, "Jake" when I was about three years old. Jake was five. We became the best of friends. Jake and I grew up together and had alot of adventures throughout our childhood. This is one such tale.

It all began one summer's morning when Jake and I decided to go do some fishing at the riverfront in Henderson, Ky. We jumped on my bicycle and headed off for the riverfront. As we sat their fishing in the warm sun, we came up with a brilliant idea. We figured that all the "big fish" were in deeper water so we began planning for a raft. We had a plan that would've made Tom Sawyer and Ol' Huckleberry Finn envious.

The next day we began a chore that would test our friendship and create a bond that would last a lifetime.

We gathered up some tools and headed for the riverfront. We began by selecting drift wood. Not just any old driftwood, but the kind that in it's prime could have been taken to the sawmill, cut up, dried out, and hauled to a jobsite to be used to build a nice new home at least 2700 square feet. These logs were monsters, some reaching a diameter of 20 inches. We were armed with a machete', an old hatchet, a very small bowsaw, and some rope
to hold the raft together. After we cut the second log,we rolled it beside the first and tied the two logs together. We then began cutting the third log. We were both tired and getting hungry, so we jumped on the bike and went home. It was late in the afternoon when we arrived at home so we decided to return the next day to finish our yacht.

The next day we awoke to sore and aching bodies, but that didn't stop us from heading back up to the riverfront to complete our task. We had to complete the raft so we could get to the "big fish". We finished cutting the third log and rolled it over to our raft. We tied the log and began searching for the fourth. We found one suitable but was quite a ways from our building site. We decided to roll the log into the river and walk it back to our construction zone. When we arrived with the log we realized that the massive raft that we were constructing was a long way from the water. There was no way we were going to move the raft to the water with it all tied together. We then decided to disassemble the raft and rebuild in the water. There was alot of anger,and the words used would make a sailor blush. We called it quits for the day and headed home.

Day four began with a Quick dip in the river to get used to the water. Early morning was great for raft building. The water was calm and this made holding the logs in place easy. Then disaster struck. A barge came easing down the mighty Ohio creating waves of mass destruction. Our feeble attempt to build the best raft in the world laid riddled along the shore line. We had to come up with a better way to secure the logs together. We went on a shopping spree after pulling the logs to the bank and had tied them to a willow tree so they wouldn't float away. We began scouring the banks of the river, backyards of neighbors, and alleyways of Henderson, trying to find any plywood, 2*4's, or 2*6's. We found two full sheets of plywood adheared to a giant piece of styrofoam. We couldn't get it out because it was buried over half way in the sand. After looting the neighborhood of every piece of scrap lumber we could find, we headed back to the river. At this point we were exhausted.

Day five rolled around and," slave to the grind"again. We loaded up on 16 penny nails and headed for the riverfront. After a half a day of tying logs and driving nails we completed our raft. We found a concrete block to use for an anchor. We headed for the house to get the fishing gear. A couple of Zebco's 202 and a 33 classic.

Jake and I had finally achieved greatness. We were going to be able to get to the "big fish". We hurried down to the river, stopping only to dig some worms, to our newly built catfish yacht. We cut down a small sapling to use as a push pole so we could navigate the mighty Ohio. We pushed off on our maiden voyage and began drifting down river. This is where the story gets real interesting. We spotted a couple fishing off the bank and decided to pull our rig right out in front of them. We figured that the people fishing wouldn't mind because we were "way" out in the river. They had a nice little puppy running along the bank and was throwing sticks into the river for the dog to retrieve. The dog was about a foot tall and was a little on the puny side. Jake tossed the anchor off the front of the boat and we baited our hooks in hopes of king catfish. After setting there a good while we were getting bored. About this time the curiosity of the pup was about to get the best of him. He couln't stand it any longer he had to come see us. The pup bolted off the bank and began running right towards us. Jake and I screamed for the dog not to come, for fear of the pup drowning. I kid you not Jake and I was way out in the river.The dog kept running all the way to the raft. I'm thinking the whole time that the pup was going to fall off into a deep spot. After making it's way to the raft and jumping onto it soaking wet, it managed to knock our rod and reels over, bump my tackle box into the water and then retreat back to the bank. Jake was amazed that the puppy could walk on water. I told Jake to look off the left side of the raft. The vugarities began flowing from his mouth as he looked to the left side. We had pushed into a sand bar and the water was only ankle deep. We both stood up and could see our bait and sinkers in front of us in water about 5 inches deep. We calmly reeled in our lines, pulled the tackle box from the water, and walked to shore while the couple laughed at us the whole time.

This was the end of our raft building days. I look back on our adventure and wondered why the couple laughed so hard at us. On the way back to the shore I remember seeing their bait and sinker in ankle deep water just lying there waiting for moby minnow to bite.

This was one of many adventures that Jake and I shared. Stay tuned for the next episode when we dig out the two pieces of plywood adheared to stryofoam. It'll be a great life changing adventure. Hope you enjoyed!!!
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