The government will decide how you parent

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by JenJen, Apr 15, 2009.

  1. JenJen

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    I stumbled across something so frightening that I just have to get up on my political soap-box for a second and tell all of y'all about this.

    There is a bill that is rushing its way towards ratification right now. It was originally signed by Bill Clinton (pushed by Hilliary - shocker), was tabled for a while, but is now being pushed again.

    It is called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - and this harmless sounding document (that in reality removes your rights to raise your child according to your moral value system) has been getting very little media play. (If it was, more parents would be screaming in protest.)

    This document would bind all UN nations to abide by its direction. It has some good stuff in it that no sane person would object to - like protecting children from sexual abuse - but then it goes WAY into left field.

    Article 15 assures every child (anyone under the age of 18, so from birth on-wards) the freedom of association. (No more telling your child who they can spend time with.)

    Article 13 gives every child absolute freedom of expression - and under that it gives "freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers - either orally, in writing or print, or any other media of the child's choice." (So you would no longer have the right to decide what your child is exposed to.)

    And NOWHERE in this document does it recognize parental authority.

    In fact, it allows a child to take legal action when he/she disagrees with just about any parental limits, even discipline. In other words, this document would take parenting out of the hands of parents, and put it in the hands of the government. It would make YOUR decision about what was best for your child unimportant.

    As I mentioned, this has been getting very little media play, so it's also been getting very little opposition. So every one with any common sense left in this world has got to stand up and start shouting about this.

    If you would like to learn more - or sign a petition against this convention, (PLEASE!) please go to The petition option will be on the right of the screen. (If you don't want them to send you emails regarding this and other matters, make sure you click the little box after you sign that says "Please do not send me any emails.")

    I'm sure this convention was inspired by good intentions. But its dangerously vague wording and frightening reach will go far beyond anything remotely good.

    Please pass this information on to everyone you know.
  2. plainsman

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    I'm glad my kids are grown, the U.N. don't support my kids, didn't raise em, and ain't got no business telling parents how to raise them. Neither does the Federal Gov. State gov oughta give guidelines, but they ain't got no say either, other than pertaining to abuse.

    The U.N. may have some guidelines, but it don't run my family.

  3. 223reload

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    I'm about sick of the UN,You'd think that THEY are the majority,Heck they are JUST a faction,If folks would realize that then it could be dissolved like a BAD partnership. :wink:
  4. JenJen

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    South Carolina
    That's the way of it with so much! The people who are holding the megaphone (media, etc) are actually a small percentage of the population - but because they're the ones everyone hears, it makes it seem like the average person's thoughts and opnions are the exception, rather than the rule.
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    All this is being brought up by people who can't even govern themselves let alone have values or morals. I believe that there is a difference between disapline and abuse. But alot of people don't. You see it in the paper and hear it on the news everyday from every part of the world where a child has been killed in the name of discipline. I have never spanked my little girl. Never have had a reason but that doesn't say that I wouldn't. There is a bid difference between spanking and beating. I was spanked as a child but that was a last resort. As far as the UN, we the USA don't even belong to it because it isn't in our best intrest. We may ask for advice but we don't always follow what they have to say. It was developed as more of a world police force than a governing party. Look at the presidents that have been elected to it, they are not even able to fix their own countries let alone the world.
  6. postbeetle

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    You won't have to worry about this if you are in a Muslim country, or a Chinese because the religion or the state controls you and your children. They get to beat them as they want or strap bombs to them with your blessing.

    Who needs ABC'S and freedom when this happens? Who needs anything then, let alone the UN?
  7. Wabash River Bear

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    The government is bound and determined to make me a nonconformant criminal, one bill at a time. :confused2:
  8. ozzy

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    Lost Wages
    Let me guess!!!! We dont get to vote on the matter, and it will be decided by liberal partners. :angry:
  9. JenJen

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    South Carolina
    The only say we have in this - as in so much else - is to write our state Representatives in the hopes of persuading them to act with sense. And not to elect them again if they don't.

    (Problem is that so many people who vote don't know who they're voting for or why. They vote believing everything they see in the media. But that's an entirely different soap box for another day.)

    I think that the Representatives from my state - SC - are seeing this for the threat it is, but if anyone out there lives in a state where your guy is a more...bleeding-heart type of official, then please speak up.

    The problem with the "bleeding-hearts" is that they get so caught up in what they want to accomplish that they don't see what damage they're doing. Like in this matter - we all want something that protects the world's children from atrocities, so a bleeding-heart sees this bill and it's attempt to protect children, and supports it with out thinking any deeper. In fact, is probably afraid to resist the bill in fear of seeming "against children" or some such ridiculousness.

    My fear for our country is that too many elected officials are acting in defense of their image, and not in defense of their common sense.
  10. tnvol

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    I agree. That isn't just an elected official problem. Far too many leaders in far too many organizations make decisions based on career advancement instead of what is right. It's really sad.
  11. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    Shoot I think kids need there rights..
    Right to do what there told by mom and dad. Or get the right to not be able to sit down for a few minutes.
    Also the right to know how to respect others and there self. That is the rights.

    This sure will not pass. but bet they do what the other laws do. send it in under something else.Where people will not even know its there.
  12. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    This reminds me of a story I read years ago. A well to do liberal
    woman was going to a party with her liberal husband. She had a
    toddler and he was to stay with their new live-in nurse. The women
    was leaving instructions with the new nurse. " My child is not to
    want for nothing, Any thing and everything he wants give it to him,
    do you understand me, your future with us depends on you following
    my instructions do you understand me, I mean you better follow them
    to the letter."
    The rich folks went to their party and returned in the wee hours of
    the morning and when they entered their house to find their toddler
    eyes swollen from crying his hand twice it normal size sitting in the
    nurses lap and she was gently stroking his back.
    "What happened to my baby, what did you allow to happen." " I
    did not allow anything to happen, I was following your instructions
    to the letter." the nurse told her. " Their was a bumblebee in the
    window and he wanted it so I let him have it."