The Gift Of Fishing

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    The Gift of Fishing

    Since as far back as I can remember I have enjoyed fishing. I cannot remember my first trip out, but I can guarantee it was with my father. That man can catch more fish than anyone I have ever known. Whether we were fishing for bluegills, crappie, or bass, he could always find the fish. And back then we never used fish finders or GPS units. Locating fish was all a mater or reading the waters. He taught me the basics that got me this far. Now as I get to pass on the pleasure of fishing to my kids, I understand why he liked taking me fishing so much. There is absolutely no better thrill in this whole world than to watch a young kid pulling in a fish. Kids get excited no matter what kind of fish or what size it is. Smiles from ear to ear and can’t wait to go tell mom. Every time my grandkids come over their first question is “Papa, can we go fishing?” I have to admit, that makes you feel real good.​

    As I have gotten more into just catfishing over the past few years I always have people ask me if they can go along and have me show them some tips. This too can be very rewarding. When you can teach someone a better way to tie a knot, or how to set their drag and then they are able to catch the largest cat in the life, you have done something good. It is fun to hear people brag about the fish they caught when you took them fishing.

    Also, as my father taught me, I try to pass on a couple of other good habits. First, we clean up after ourselves. At first, I have had people think I was nuts. “Why are you picking up trash that someone else left?” But before long they are helping and soon it becomes a habit even when I am not there with them. Another concept I try over and over to instill in new anglers is Catch and Release. If more people would realize how much it helps the fish population to release the larger fish, we would have so much better resources to fish.

    So in closing, I challenge everyone to take someone new fishing with you. Teach them what is important and pass on a legacy that has been around since the beginning of time. You’ll have fun, it’s guaranteed.​

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