The frustration of a LOST fish

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    Last Saturday was the first day of trout here in PA and in the afternoon I take my kids to catch the colorful critters.

    Now the crowds are stupendous, the fish are fickle, but every dad is a little pushy to try to get his kids a good catch. A good hole and yes! the fish comes first to brennon my youngest (7) who like a good trooper brings it right in. the fish are biting good; but the time is getting late and I'm waiting for keyanna to hook something of the several bites she's getting.

    Well, She does- We're happy no thrilled! its a little bigger- and as we bring it to her feet the FISH comes off. oh the sour taste of dissapointment!!! She is feeling it the rest of the evening. We go and buy a little hand net to make her feel better.

    both kids press to go back the next day. We'll about the same spot; a few hours eariler. This is apparently a late afternoon bite and kids try to stay patient as several hours pass. At about the same time the bite is on. KEYANNA brings in her fish, triumphantly. and then brennan got the fish... and AUGHH. his comes off at this feet.,

    but its way to late to stay any longer; mommy got dinner. NOW, Brennan is now devastated.

    long story short both kids have seen the thrill of success and the bitter pill of disapointement. we'll have to see how the kids take this. Keyanna is for sure going to be ok about it; she went back. but now brennan considers it a bit of a bad experience, which is a little sad for a dad whom wants to take his kids fishing.

    and dad has learned something about how frustrating it is too lose a nice fish; a few pics follow the first of brennan with His fish and keyanna being a Good sport about being in his pic.
    the second is keyannas fish but brennan is too upset to be in it.:sad2:

    Over the week, I've had the chance to think and i think it is another warning not to push kids into fishing they're not ready for. brennan is clearly not ready for bigger crafty fish. but although somewhat upset about it (anyone would be) keyanna is... she went back after loosing her fish and was a good sportsman to brennan. With brennan we need to get him into the easy fishing (gills, perch, calico) so he can understand that there is always the NExt trip, the next fish, etc.

    Keyanna is a BOC member and I've told her its time to come back and post. she has caught another trout since then.

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    Reps to ya for being a good father who takes the time to take his kids fishing. I taught my kids at an early age too....and they still love it to this day. It is something that they will always remember and they will soon forget about the ones that get away....especially when they catch that next one. Good Post Jolie!:cool2:

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    Great looking kids, Jolie enjoy them while you can. They grow up Quick.
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    I've been taking my 4yr old fishing lately, I'm hoping to make memories as strong and fun for him as the ones that I have. My first trout came from the Allegheny near East Hickory, PA. I'm glad to see that others are taking their children too.

    Fishing is a wonderful sport full of life lessons. I would take the opportunity to talk to my children about the lost fish and let them figure out what happened. Could the hooks have been sharper? Could we have spread the barbs more? Was the line too loose? I think that most children would find more success later in life if they were brought up to be problem solvers and learn how to plan ahead, expect the unexpected, and never settle for defeat. I'm sure they would have no idea what the real reason for the lesson was, and they may never either. I just wish someone would have done that more for me when I was growing up.

    Always remember, you reap what you sow.:wink:

    Jolie, you are a wonderful father! The world could use more daddys like you!:smile2:
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    Jason much respect to ya for taking the kids fishing brother. just explain to them that is why it is called fishing and not catching. as you can see everyone is different in there reactions to certain situations and losing a fish teaches one that not everything turns out the way we want it to. your son will be fine and he learned a lesson as well. he will get back out there when the time is right especially if he see big sister is catching them and having fun. you won't be able to keep him off the water.