the fish at Lake Jordan

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  1. catman1990

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    i fish jordan lake all the time but i never seem to catch anything over 5 or 6 pounds. at first i thought it was my fishing techniques but then i went to other lakes and landed 20's and 30's. does anyone else fish at jordan lake, and if so what are the biggest fish uve caught/heard of bieng caught?
  2. greggofish

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    Holly Springs, NC
    I have fished there since 1991 and from end to end. If you catch a Cat there over ten pounds you are doing well. They are few and far between. Live bream gets the bigger ones for me.

    Great lake if you like to eat catfish (I don't) so I have about givin up on it.

  3. Mark J

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    Me and another member sneaked up to Jordan I guess back in September for a night of fishing.
    We went with jumbo shrimp and chicken hearts.
    We caught a boat for of eaters and did boat 3 over 10 pounds.
    One of those was caught on shrimp, the other 2 on a few dead shad about 8 inches long that came floating by.
    Next time I go I'll be set up to catch shad. That is going to be one of the keys to getting into big fish there.
    My biggest flathead to date I have had on my line was at Jordan while standing on a beach after the lake got so rough we beached the boat for awhile. That fish was 50 pounds plus easy. I still have the remains of the hook that was wrung off. He hit a live bream about 11am in the morning.

    The other key is finding them. There is big fish there but just like any other body of water the size of Jordan it can be a task to find them.
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    I have never heard such a thing.
  5. mack in n.c.

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    i posted this about jordan on the old board but ill do it again .....there are not many big ones in jordan yet because probaly (guessing) over 90 percent of the cats are channels.........there are flats and blues in the i said in the old forum some boys from burlington have been putting flatheads from the dan river into the upper haw in alamance county......they are just beginning to take hold.....several 20 to 30 lbs have been caught, i am sure some of there off spring have made it to the lake, plus some guys from apex were putting blues into jordan from gaston....they were coming into my store to get vinyl tubing for there pumps to bring more fish back.....that was 4 years ago and i thinkk they told me they had put about 30 blues into jordan.....rember the caper fear population was started by the state with less than telling who else has been putting big ones into problay isnt right but its done now.....wasnt illegal untill last year or so.......any way i would not be suprised to see mark or anyone else pull a big one out of jordan.....a few are there and they are only going to get bigger and multiply as time goes on...............mack
  6. Splorndle

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    I have caught many blue. Other than the post above I have never heard of someone catching a flathead there. I run in the wrong circles apparently.