The end of an era

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    This past weekend Ric Flair retired from in ring action as a professional wrestler. Ric was the last of the "old school" heros we all had. People have told me that the emotions Ric displayed was all put on. Well that dont sit to well with me. If anyone ever had the passion for thier job like Ric Flair did, they would understand what Ric was and is going through.

    Ric wont miss the traveling. He want miss the in ring action. What he is going to miss is the "pop" from the fans. When he walks through the curtain and the fans rise to there feet, thats what it is all about.

    I was in Greensboro,NC the night Harley Race handed Ric the ball and said run with it. That was Harleys last match. And since then I have became good friends with Harley and his wife BJ. Last night when I seen Harley walk to the ring, that brought back memories of that night in Greensboro.

    March the 15th of this year I turned 42. And being a man in this world I must confess, It brought tears to my eyes last night when I seen the ring full of the people that built the professional wrestling in the Carolinas. That era ended last night. Will it ever come back around like it used to be? Nah. It wont happen. The ones that was fortunate enough to have the honor of watching wrestling in the 70's,80's, be proud that you watched something that will never again be seen.

    Ric Flair was to wrestling like Dale Earnhardt was to Racing.

    Thank you Ric for the years!
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    I figured you'd post about this Teddy, I almost did myself. Ric seemed like a nice fella to me, I met him at the opening of Ric Flair's Gold's Gym here in Hickory (now it's Planet Fitness) several years back.

    Just think of it this way, he's retiring from wrestling, but reinventing himself as a salsa dancer :wink:. Should be interesting to see what happens when "Secret Talents of the Stars" premieres on CBS April 8th. :big_smile:

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    Loved every bit of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony as well...!!!!
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    Interesting, those acting jobs are pretty hard on the body i guess.
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    Thankx for your post Teddy,
    As far as POP goes Rick Will get the POP every day for the rest of his life.How many times a day do you think he will be WOOOOO ed?
    I was at an airport one night in Nashville and a "heel' came walking thru the gate. I looked up and gave a him smile.This guy walked over to me and sat down.we talked rasslin he told me that Rick was bigger then life. and most of the stories were true about him and his life style.I must say it was the fastest three hrs. I have ever spent in the airport.
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    I grew up watching Ric as a Four Horseman with Arn Anderson and such... He is a legend and will alwas be known as one of the Greatest ever... But It was awsome to see him go out the way he wanted.. The match between him and Michaels was a Classic... Thanks for the Memorys Ric
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    i hated to see rick go, but im sure before its over he will be back