The Elusive Spoon

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by Blue Bruiser, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Blue Bruiser

    Blue Bruiser New Member

    St Louis, Missouri
    Anyone in the St louis area having any luck with these spoons? They aren't anywhere. 3 days, 3 guys , and one spoonie is unheard of. I even went and fished the chain of rocks from the bank today thinking maybe the boat was bad luck. lol There had to be 20 guys and not one fish come out. Whats up. I hope its just the temp and the stage right now. Anyone else having problems or what?
  2. Mountain Cur

    Mountain Cur New Member

    Missouri, Warsaw
    With the luck we've had I think they have become extinct. Hopefully we will get some water in the Osage and they will come up before the season ends.

  3. thomas feldon

    thomas feldon New Member

    Farmington, MO.
    Went down to KY dames; nothing. Got plenty of skipjack on blue, red and white curly, twister tails . No spoonies anywhere. Water too cold yet; waiting on warm rain, then they will be there, I hope. Caught 123 skipjack. Average size 15 1/2 ". Spent 12 hour's trying to get just skipjack, and in between about2 hr's snagg'n for spoonbill./ According to the conservation officer that checked us. He said not too much going on because of the cold weather. He'd been checking for four weeks and it's 4 wk's behind last year's take of skip and also the commercial fisherman are complaining that they are getting a late start for their lines. They want skipjack for their lines.
    One guy who was catching them realfast was a commercial fisherman for 20 yrs. "so he said" hasn't seen it this slow in 6 yrs.
    All I know is what he said," that he knew what he was doing" and when he quit, I took his spot and caught 30 skipjack, using the same curly tails and caught 30 skipjack in 15 minites. Then the sun went behind the clouds and it was dusk. NO more fish. For an hour we tried everything and not nothi'n. Guess he was telling the truth.
    Next time I'll listen closer to the one who's caht'n and doesn't have time to bull. I could cut my baitfish'n trip a little shorter, If I went so, Well you know ! "head strong.
    Warmer weather is going to be here this week, with the warm rain, Like the man said GETHER DONE!