The Elusive Spoon Bill

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by Blue Bruiser, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Blue Bruiser

    Blue Bruiser New Member

    St Louis, Missouri
    Anyone in the St louis area having any luck with these spoons? They aren't anywhere. 3 days, 3 guys , and one spoonie is unheard of. I even went and fished the chain of rocks from the bank today thinking maybe the boat was bad luck. lol There had to be 20 guys and not one fish come out. Whats up. I hope its just the temp and the stage right now. Anyone else having problems or what?
  2. Chanellocked

    Chanellocked New Member

    Lake St. Louis, MO
    We get a warm shot in the next week, they should be stacked up below Chain of Rocks??? 2nd week of April they're usually tearing them up???
    It's anyones guess now:confused:

  3. poopdeck [patrick]

    poopdeck [patrick] New Member

    ofallon il
    I was down at the low water damn for a couple of hours today. No spoonbills were caught, but I heard they are catching a few here and there. I don/t snagg them myself I was there for the shad and I got a few nice big ones from some kid who was snagging. Were gong out at daylight for the blues hope to be telling some monster stories tomorrow.
  4. Hannibal Mike

    Hannibal Mike New Member

    Hannibal, MO
    I am up river, but the reports do help me plan. I have not gone for spoonies yet, but when they start there, it'll probably be ok here too. Of course I could use the shad for cats myself. Hannibal Mike
  5. katmandue

    katmandue New Member

    Bonne Terre, MO
    I'd like to start snagging spoons, but wouldn't even know where to begin. Mayhaps one of these days I'll do some serious research on in and find my way around.