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    If you haven't visited this river this year yet, you are missing out. The DAN is loaded up with just about all you can handle. Blues, Channels, Flatheads, White Bass, Carp, Largemouth, Smallmouth, Stripers. What a great season to fish! Make sure you have your fishing permit though the authorities were out checking the other day and handing out tickets for those unlucky people who should have spent the $18 for one. Had a great day Sunday(5-10-09). Many channels, a few blues, and a couple flatheads. Only thing I can say is where are the bream(pumpkin seeds, bluegills, red ears)? If you can catch a bream, you can catch the flatheads. 6pm-7pm was a good hour. Air temp was around 67 degrees. As soon as I catch a bream, I throw him on the line. Within a couple of min of throwin him out you'll get a hit if your in the right spot. Note: Bream caught in the river work better then bream brought to the river. I like to catch all my bream hook and line. Also I like to go out when most people won't. For those die hards like myself, you know when those times are.:wink: Be hospital to your fellow fisherman. You never know what you might learn from them. I hate them nights you have to share a bank with some grump that throws his nose in the air like they live in some mansion out in california, if you know what I mean. Where all here for the same reason. (Hook that big mtf and ALWAYS practice CPR on those giants please. I hate hearin they are going to someones pond. We need those fish in the river!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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    Thanks for sharing Jacob and Welcome to the BOC. When you get done catching all the fish down there in the Dan, come on over to the James and play with our Blues. We are all on the same page over here. No one keeps a big fish,,,,,,,,ever. Winter time and early spring is the best.