The dams in monticello

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  1. field989

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    east central indiana
    i heard that there are catfish that are big enough that they could eat a MAN, i wouldn't mind tryin to get 1 of those on the end of my line lol, any1 fished up there?
  2. river scum

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    hooterville indiana
    yes i have fished those dams. there is a lot of fishing presure there though. you mite want to explore the wabash if you want to catch a trophy. 15# flathead is the biggest i have caught over that way. it ate a jig fished for eyes. i did see a guy hook and land 45#ER a few years ago trolling a crankbait. that was caught across from the norway bait n tackle shop below norway dam.

  3. zappaf19

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    I live in Monticello and the real big ones are on the lake side of the dams. They sit on the in take grates for the turbins. The have made it impossible to get there now. There is no tresspassing signs on the bank side and they have roped off the lake so no boats can get close any more.