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    It looks as if we are going to have decent weather this coming weekend. The water temps are pushing 60, all sorts of different fish are moving to into the shallows. It feels like this could be the beginning of when the fishing gets real good. The other part of the good news it is still cool enought there will not be as much boat traffic (or jet skis) out on the water.

    I can not make up my mind what to fish for this weekend. The stripers should start their way into the creeks and into the northern part of LKN, perch are everywhere and crappies can be caught by the bucket load. I also like to catch spots for bait for catfish. Best of all I will bet the catfish bite is going to get real good.

    Who is getting out this weekend? if we can avoid rain and another dive in the tempature the conditions should be good.
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    Fishing has already picked up, I caught these in last couple weeks

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    Gonna try Lake Norman bank fishing again if my wife lets me!