The Channel Catfish Are Hittin'!

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    Yesterday I decided to get some peace and quite.....So last night I caught some bait and went to the ditch the borders my grandparents property. I started fishing at about 7 PM and didn't get a bite until about 8:05 when I caught the first channel. And then at 9:30 I had both rods going crazy and I got them in the cooler. With those 2 added, that made for 6 cats so I decided to pack it up because I just knew that if I stayed I would have convinced myself to keep the rest of them. I weighed them before I left and the 6 fish together weighed 46 pounds. So it was a good night. And sorry for the lack of pictures on this report, but I was fishing by myself.

    This morning I cleaned them but I left them whole with the skin on - I decided I was going to try and smoke em up for the first time. I froze 4 of them and tomorrow I am going to take the first trial run on 2 of them. I would HATE to ruin all 6 in one shot! LOL Wish me luck!

    Oh yeah - when I was cleaning them I did notice that the stomachs were FULL of moss. I didn't realize that they LITERALLY eat everything! If I can figure out how to keep moss on a circle hook I will have it made - no more 2 hr prefishing trips catching bait!