The Cass River

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    Alright, you have all heard me for the past few weeks whinning about the weather and not being able to fish. Well, I took the RiverKat's (Dan) advice. He said, "just get out there and do something. Scout for Tukeys, look for a new fishing hole, do something, don't just whine." I had to go to town to take care of the banking, so I quick through a couple of rods, a net, and some frozen bait in the back of the truck and away I went.
    By 9:30am I had two rods baited and was fishing on the almighty Cass. 20min. later I had my first bite. I must have lost my touch, cause I didn't make a hookup. Fifteen min. later I landed the biggest Northern I have ever caught out of the Cass River. I have fished this River most of my life, and have caught a lot of Pike 25 to 28 inches, but that is about it. This one was 32" and weighed 10lbs. Now, don't get me wrong, that is not a hugh Pike by any standard, but for the Cass River it was a dandy. My mouth was watering, thinking about fresh Northern Pike for dinner, til I realized I was a couple of weeks early. So, I gave her a little kiss, patted her on the tail and wished her well. I had two more small bites, with no hookups (one which I think was another small pike), but needless to say I was pretty happy.
    About 1/2 hr later my far rod (with a bell on it) started dancing like no tomorrow. I let it dance til the bells just about fell off and I knew that fish was on. After a short battle, (which I won) I landed a nice 6 1/2 lb. channel cat. I was still thinking about fresh fish for dinning, but this little girls belly was popped out like a condom under the water spout. So, I kissed her on top of the head, patted her on the tail, and sent her on her way to do the Spring Thing.
    Two hrs. of fishing, two bites, two fish and a beautiful way to end a Tuesday Morning. (First catfish of the year)
    I guess it is deer burgers for dinner. And that ain't all bad. At least I got the stink off my rods.
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    thanks for the post sparky, guess I'll have to go hit the maple river this weekend and get a few cats.