The Burr Oak Lake Trip

Discussion in 'Outdoor Adventures' started by Abu, Aug 18, 2005.

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    I have went fishing alot this year and we have caught several big cats. On this trip we only caught two small channel cats but it was one of the funnest trips all year. I took my son 14 and nephew 16 along with me. There were 3 of us in the boat, we caught two fish and everyone caught a fish. We were using circle hooks and my nephew thought he had a bite but kept waiting for him to run with the bait, it never did run with the bait and my son said "I've got a bite" He reeled in about a 3lb. channel hooked in the corner of the mouth along with my nephews line. The fish had swallowed my nephews circle hook and bait and decided he was still hungry and ate my sons bait later. They both had a hook in him so they both claimed the fish. It was a funny sight. We fished all night and about 5 more hours after it turned daylight. It was one of them times on the water when family meant more than fishing and we all had a great time talking about past trips and planning our future trips. A night on the boat or bank is always better than a night of watching tv.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.