The Bum and the Brown Bag

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    Gastonia N
    On a dark winter's night as the chill wind blew
    on a park bench an old man there lay

    Tattered and torn, tired withered and worn
    he'd not eaten for more than a day

    Heartache and fears and much sadness and tears
    was his life - fate had dealt a poor hand

    He thought once or twice of the terrible price
    he'd paid not obeying God's command

    Way back in his youth he was taught gospel truth
    and the Spirit had led him to preach

    But judging was he - the way things ought to be
    so instead he decided to teach

    He made a good start and he had a kind heart -
    untold were his many good deeds

    Yet often he found - one who'd pray and kneel down
    but he couldn't attend their soul's needs

    A college professor he'd been for a while
    but soon the years took a sad toll

    Divorce - loss of wealth - no job and poor health
    had left just a bum - growing old

    He lay there in pain - a slight drizzle of rain
    most certain he'd freeze to the bone

    As he thought of the past- a deep sigh came at last
    he guessed he'd just die there alone

    Then, strangely appeared, a man standing quite near
    He asked, "may I sit for awhile?"

    And though it was dark - in his eye was a spark
    and his face bore a kind loving smile

    He said, "Sir I perceive that you didn't receive
    all the good things God planned for your life;

    By the look on your face I can somehow retrace
    that you've lived through much anguish and strife."

    "God's judgement won't count all the sins you repent
    and it's never too late to restart -

    So kneel here with me and together let's see
    if God will re-enter your heart;

    Together they prayed and a long time he stayed -
    A soul was reborn on that night

    Then as suddenly he came - he was gone with no name
    He'd vanished completely from sight

    A brown bag he'd brought of food the old man sought
    was all that remained at his side

    The food warmed his body - the words fed his soul
    Now Christ. . . . within him . . . . did abide

    The brown paper sack on the park bench there
    had these words - written with love-

    "God sent His Son . . . . . . .and He also sent me"
    "And a little . . . . . .manna from above.

    by Ron Baron
    Brownwood, Texas

    :too_sad: :look_down:

    I tought this is one of the best I have found .You never get to far down that God can't lift you up. Your friend Ace :big_smile_2: :look_down:

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    Touching Ace. Acts of compassion are rare to witness these days.

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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Very Good Post Brother. Touching
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    GOD is always with us, but somehow the things of this World get in between GOD and us. We must listen to GOD, and seek what he would have us do.

    We are only here for a short time, and the Clock is ticking..

    Great post Ace....
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    Ace, Brother this is another dandy. God bless you.

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    Many will read post but few will stop to think and realize how true the old saying is... "there, but by the Grace of God, go I" and then fewer yet will understand it's up to us all to help those that need help.