The bucks are starting to show up

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by catfishrus, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. catfishrus

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    north carolina
    i havent seen any bucks this summer but in the last week i have seen 5 riding down the roads. i seen 1 small buck standing in a field on monday and then wednesday i seen two 4-6 points standing in a field together. then last night coming home from a fishing trip i saw two nice 8-10points cross the road in front of my truck. so they havent split up here yet. funny how they hide all year and then just start showing up. i travel these roads that i saw these deer on everyday and now im starting to see bucks. wont be long and deer will be running everywhere. just thought i would share what i seen this week.
  2. catfisher43

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    yea this cool front moved through around here getting down near 30s,the deer are on the move.keep safe driving at night.

  3. Stoo

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    I almost hit a six piont yesterday. Saw a huge buck cross the hiway bout 100 yards infront of me today. Also saw a doe and her fawn by the road today. Tomorrow is the opening day of muzzleloader season and I'll be out there before daylight. I've got a good feeling bout fillin my tag tomorrow.
  4. Blue Duck

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    I had been seeing a 3x3 a couple of times befor season so I mounted a camera and over a week I got several pics. Its an older camera in 35mm so you have to get the film developed. Season opened and I left the camera set up. I eventually took that buck. The same day the film in the camera had all been shot to I took the camera down and the film in for processing. The buck I shot was on the roll, but so was another buck way bigger then the one I shot. If I had known that I might have waited. O well, he will be a real monster by next season.........
  5. Duzy

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    I can't wait for a frost, then they will get moving.