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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Mark J, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I want to ask every member to think about their fishing tactics and where they fish and to show others through writing an informative article to go into the library.
    Afraid your writing skills aren't up to par? No problem! I'm willing to help proof read and make grammar corrections. We'll help you get your pictures in the right place to go into the article.

    You guys up north in the cold climates show and teach us how to ice fish.
    We've all heard of icefishing but many of us have never actually seen it done or how its done.

    We have a good cross section of members that can provide informative articles.
    Let's make it happen in the new year!
    You aren't limited to one article submission. You can submit as many as you want.

    Do you have a favorite lock to fish? Show us and tell us how you do it.
    Do you drift fish for big blues?
    You guys that that use locks to run the rivers, tell us how to lock in and out safely and what protocol you follow. Many of us may know but most of us dont and we might need to learn.
    Tell us the method of madness or ingenuity you use to locate good spots to fish.
    There are plenty of subjects any one of us can write articles on.
    Our library is one thing that sets us apart and makes the BOC the largest and best catfishing site on the net.
    We are here to help you expand the library.

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  2. FishBrew

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    North Texas
    Good to know. If parts of article or topic covered touch on some info already covered in the library, can we/you simply provide a link to that article to avoid restating something that is provided elsewhere?
    Does format matter? MS Word or typed into email only?

  3. neocats

    neocats New Member

    Good idea. I think a lot of us should be able to share some tipis.
  4. Mark J

    Mark J New Member

    Four Oaks, NC
    Jason, the MS word format is fine.
    As far as pictures we'll get help from Whistler. He actually turns the article into the final presentation with pictures.
    It doesnt matter if you cover old ground. This is your experience and knowledge. What works for you may not work at all for me in water I fish so there is no right or wrong articles. You may cover the same ground but have subtle differences. Subtle differences often means catching fish.

    The articles help the beginning fishermen by giving him starting points. It helps other members that may be fishing your haunts for the first time.
    The articles show other ways to fish we might have never tried.

    the articles dont even have to be about catfishing. It could be bass fishing or even an article explaining current patterns below lock and dams and how fish relate to them.

    Our library is the University of fishing. The authors are the professors.
    Just envision a library that is a virtual travel agency to anywhere you ever wanted to fish.
    Any question you ever had a about a rig or knot you had heard about is at your fingertips.

    It may be easier to look in the library for a topic idea or to see where we we are lacking.
    Keep in mind, this is pretty much free form writing as long as its topic reflects a fishing, hunting, boating topic, etc.
  5. s_man

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    south east ohio
    Thanks Mark for bringinging this back to the forefront. I know there is alot of knowledge out there, some of you might not even know you have it, but if you think of something that might help someone else put it out there! Don't wait for the question to be asked. Show us what you have gleened over the years. Maybe your article will bring in other ideas that will help you and in the long run help us all.
  6. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Mark thats a good idea.