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Discussion in 'Crappie Fishing' started by kat in the hat, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. kat in the hat

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    Finally got into some crappie today! Woo Hoo! Not alot, or big, but they are heating up in my area. I went to a local community lake this morning, and caught 12. Only 2 were keepers, so I brought them home, and had a snack. Anyway, just posting incase someone is curious about the action. I caught them in about 4' of water, with nightcrawlers, 18" under a float around sunken x-mas trees. Gonna have to hit the big lakes SOON.
  2. Hope

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    Matt, that's good to know :smile2:

    There were alot of boats out on the East side of the bridge across the Elk River here in NE Oklahoma this morning. Usually they're on the West side for crappie, so maybe these were after bass... but either way it was sure good to see folks out on the water doin their thing!
    We probably won't get to go out till next Saturday, but hopefully the water levels will be up even more by then, with some rain in this week's forecast.

    Thanks for the report!