The Big Pee Dee Trip with Bill....8/11-8/12... Fabulous!

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    Well..... I don't think that I can make the fishing stories sound any better than Bill did. I don't know who was more excited about the fish, Bill or us. :smile2:

    It was one HECK OF A GREAT GREAT TIME! My dad and I had a ball with Bill, let me tell you. Bill worked really hard setting us up good, what with catching bait, working the river, and everything else that goes along with a night on the river. Good times boating, fishing, and just great conversation too. :0a23:

    Bill knows that river, he knows the fish, and he knows how to catch them. It was probably the best time I've had fishing with someone. I've been on a few guided trips, and those "pro" guys don't have anything over Bill. :worship:

    Dad talked about Bill and the trip the WHOLE time on the way back to Northern KY. 10 hours worth. He's already talking about the next time we can try to get down there. He kept saying, "Man, I needed that. I've had so much stuff to deal with in the last year (family wise, sick brothers and sisters, etc), I just had to have a break, and going down there was perfect." :cool2:

    Bill was extremely gracious and you could tell that he just LOVES being out on the water. He was READY to go! We have that in common... I just love being out there in nature, if I catch some fish or bag some game, that's just icing on the cake.

    All in all, it was just a fabulous time, and I wish I could have stayed longer. I have no doubt, if we'd stayed another day or two, there would have been some new PB's for everyone!

    If you get the chance, you need to hit the Big Pee Dee and fish with Bill. I'll be going back, I promise you that. :wink:

    As a side note, I only planned for being gone Tues & Weds, then coming home on Thurs. We debated staying another day, but I told my wife that I'd be home Thursday night. I get home, talk about how great it was, and then she says "You could have stayed another day if you wanted too..." OH MAN!:crazy: I'll remember that next time! For sure!
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    Wow, with a report like that, I can now be a legend in my own mind!!!! Bwahahahahahaha!! Thanks for the kind words, Chris. It was indeed my pleasure. Y'all are welcome anytime!

    BB in SC

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    Hey man... ya can't have 'em.... Bill's my buddy dang it!:tounge_out: lol.

    I agree with ya... Bill's a real good guy- Hard to beat!

    I taught 'em everything he knows....


    Thats what its all about.I have found putting kids and others on fish bring more joy than catching them yourselves.I still like to hook one for myself from time to time.:smile2:
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    Chris thanks for the great report. Sounds like you all had a good time and caught some nice fish. You had a great guide and BOC brother. Reps.
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    Glad ya'll had a great trip. Bill is a great guy for sure.