The Best & Worst Day - We Fished!

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    As you know, yesterday (Fri. Oct 23rd) was about as miserable at it could be without snow added to the mix. Mother nature threw most of what she could at us, rain, mist, cold air, warm air, wind, white caps and fast current, but Mike and I prevailed! Just when things were about to make us give up, we caught two great fish! So, several things happened on this trip:

    Start Time: 7:30 a.m.
    1. Our mission started out strictly for baitfishing (SkipJack)
    2. Finally, Mike prevailed using Sabiki rigs and caught qty 4, ranging in size from 7 - 13".
    3. We hit the jackpot on Shad, but small, ranging 1 - 3" long
    4. We lost 1 anchor, couldn't get it to break loose while dodging logs & debris
    5. We had trouble getting the anchor to take in the fast current (w/ chain added using 100' rope in 15 - 35' of water)
    6. Mike almost lost a rod in the water. I'll let him explain that "Code Red" rescue! I don't think he found that to funny at the time, but it was hilarious! A great TV blooper if we had it on video! :smile2:

    Overall a great trip, and normally not a time to truly be out on the river. I will tell you this, it felt as if we were on the ocean versus a big river in the middle of the Midwest. Crazy!

    Honestly, just before catching the two fish, I didn't think the spot was that good, or going to produce. And then, Slam - fight is on!

    1. 47 lbr caught on Skipjack, approx. 10 - 18' of water.
    2. 17 lbr caught on 4-5 small Shad, approx. 10 - 18' of water.

    The 47 lbr is my Personal Best (PB).

    Finally, the boat has been slimed and broken in appropriately! :smile2: I kind of wish I was out there today, but I am going to the Mizzou/Texas game today.

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  2. Motopro00

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    thanks for the trip out dennis. We did have a heck of a day. Lots of up's and down's including loosing a anchor :embarassed: and I had a nice one. I went to cast my bait out and threw my rod in the river.... :eek:oooh::angry::smile2::smile2::smile2::smile2: I will blame it on my cold wet fingers being numb. As I went to cast it just went flying. I went to jump in and dennis kind of talked me out of a swim. :eek:oooh: Well come to find out my rod and reel floats. :smile2::smile2::smile2: It's a glowstick with lights in it and air space. I guess that's what keep it up. And we just got the achor to hold in a spot we really liked then had to pull it back up for a run down river for my pole. We got it and set up again and wouldn't know it after all that dennis rod bent over and we were finally rewarded for all the troubles. I hog of a fish and dennis first fish in his new boat and PB 47# blue!!! Then on my wet pole I caught a 17#. It marked a lot of first's for us but we got it done!

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    Nice goin' guys, sounds like you had a nice day ....and grads on the new PB.
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    Wow!! sounds like a dandy trip:big_smile: The bad things that happen are always good stories and memories. :wink:
  5. DWB

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    WAY TO GO GUYS!!:big_smile::big_smile::big_smile:

    I'm really happy to hear that you broke that boat in properly, Dennis. Congratulations on the new PB!!
  6. dougc

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    Congrats on the new personal best out of your new boat! You just need to get you a top and heater for the boat, and you'll be able to handle anything Mother Nature dishes out!
  7. theonecatfishbob

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    Congrats on a pretty good day on the water.
  8. Mickey

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    Dennis thanks for sharing your trip out on the water. Enjoyed the pics. Congrats on the new PB. WTG.
  9. Fishin'_Fool

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    Way to make the most of miserable conditions, guys. Dennis, congrats on the new PB and same to you Mike for fishing your pole out of the river.:wink: