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Discussion in 'Gar Fishing' started by deadly_legend, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. deadly_legend

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    what the best way to catch gar? there was a gar that i hooked and got to the bank and it it was from my arm pits to my feet in length, (im 6'4" to let you get a visual) it was huge....but it got off right as i was getting it completely on th bank...and then it snapped to lines and no one has caught it yet in 3 days....they are toying with us and stealing the bait lol. soooo i was wondering what a good gar rig would be, i appreciate any info, thanks

  2. thecatman

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    hey josh aint seen you in a while the way most people rig for gar exclusively is a steel leader bout 18 inches with a large treble hook and a small section of shad on one of the hooks

  3. mudcat dale

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    I don't go after gar specifically, but do catch them fairly often when catfishing. If I was going to go after gar, I would use wire leaders for sure. I would want a reel that would hold plenty of line. Generally, gar make a long hard run then when you get them stopped they don't really fight .... kind of like dragging a log to the bank, but when you get them almost in, another long fast run. You just have to have enough line for the runs and try to keep them out of snags. To have a good chance of hooking them, you have to really wait them out. They will grab your bait and just hold it and take line. Supposedly then they stop and knaw on it a while then turn it to swallow and take off again. Best as I can understand, the only reasonably certain way of hooking them is to let them swallow the bait. I always set the hook after they take a little line (where I fish, you can never be sure if it's a catfish or gar). I probably average about 10% hookups on gar like this .... just have to get lucky to stick a hook in their mouth. Hope this helps.
  4. Techno2000

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    Use a small #8 treble hook with some shrimp smashed into the hook,this small hook is easy for them to swallow. Like others have said just let them run until the line stops, then set the hook.
  5. lugnutz

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    If you havent already found it on net,,look up how to make a rope lure. Basically its just a piece of frayed 4-6 " rope threaded onto a piece of 18" wire leader, no hook. Yu can fancy them up all differen kinda ways just check em out on the net for some ideas. I have used them a few time when I know gar are there and they work.
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    mudcat legend has it just let them run and when you think its time to hook em just let it run a little longer.