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"The Best of the Best lV Fantasy Football"

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"Ok Fellows"

Here we go again! - "R U Ready For Some Football?"
I'm putting out a challenge to all Fantasy Football Players out there that had a team last year "ether here in the BOC", "at there job site", "in there school", "in a Privet leagues with your family & friends" or just any public league in 2009 & there team finish in "1st", "2nd" or "3rd place" in any of those leagues (or anyone that plays for that Matter), to join me in a league that I will put together for us called the:

"Best of The Best lV"!!!!

If you are up to the Challenge, here's the username & password for the league:
"The League ID# is: 25425 "
& "The Password is: BOC Football "
held in "Yahoo Sports"
PM your e-mail address to me to seen you out an invitation, but if you do have any trouble getting in, PM me your E-Mail address, and I will get you in.
& Yes - there will be something to play for - "Prizes for 1st / 2nd & 3rd place"!
(with no buy-ins)
I will do my best to keep everyone up to date on how things are going with match -ups & scores.

"OK Guys - Lets test those skills"!!!!

"So How About It People" / "What Do You Think About That" / "Are You Up To The Challenge"?

There are some good - "No" - "There are some "[email protected] Good Players here in the BOC"

So it shouldn't be a problem - "Right"?
So lets do this Fellows & when I get "The First 12 teams" I will try to put it all together for us.

This is how it will work:

The first 12 teams that I get are in - "Period"!

After that we will get together and have a Draft "after the pre season a the teams rosters are set".

Only 8 of the 12 teams will make the play-offs (so no first round playoff buyes).

"And like last season, for the winner of it all. I will give that owner a $50.00 shopping spree at Bass Pro Shops".

"Second Place will get a $25.00 shopping spree".
"Third Place will receive a $10.00 shopping spree".
(All On Me!)

(But I Plan on winning it, so I already know my own address.) LoL

"So what do you guys think about that"?

"Lets Do It"
"See who's is The "Best of The Best" for 2010

Take it easy gang,
Bert (Shania)
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Thanks again this year Bert!!! I signed up last night, I can't wait!!!

I'll get League 104 set up before long. Gonna make a few changes to it this year that'll make it better. What changes? I don't know yet but they should be good.....:glasses-cool:

Good Luck all!!!:glasses-cool:
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