The April 2006 issue of TVA River Neighbors

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    TVARiver Neighbors Looks at Impacts of Dry Conditions

    The April 2006 issue of TVA River Neighbors – a newsletter for people who use TVA-managed reservoirs – is now available.

    The lead story in the new issue looks at how continued dry weather could affect tributary reservoir levels this summer. TVA’s manager of River Forecasting, Randy Kerr, says TVA is hoping for some wet weather in the TennesseeValley in the next few weeks. “We got some much needed rain in early April, but we’ll need a lot more to hit the June 1 targets for the summer recreation season on some tributary reservoirs,” he says. For the past seven months, rainfall in the region is six inches below normal.
    • Other river-system news in this issue includes the following:
    • Answers about TVA’s hydroelectric generating schedules,
    • A report on successful partnerships for water-quality improvement across the Valley
    • An article about a new trail for mountain bikers atop RaccoonMountain near Chattanooga
    • How to help protect water quality by incorporating an attractive rain garden into your landscaping plans
    • A look at how TVA’s new reservoir-operating policy may prove beneficial for the reservoirs’ sportfish
    • What TVA Marine Patrol officers do and how reservoir users benefit from the officers’ work
    • TVA’s efforts to help count and protect bald eagles
    • Tips for clean, safe boating
    TVA River Neighbors is published three times a year and is available on TVA’s public Web site at The site includes a comment form visitors can use to provide feedback on the newsletters and suggest topics for future issues.
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